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Delectable De'arian Cart Meals

Written by EmperorCharlesII

Historical Details


Duza Linassorro grew up fascinated by her nation's food culture. Her grandfather had been one of the many food cart dealers in the city of Solas, and her father had used that knowledge to open a restaurant there. She was always trying out foods from various carts and stands growing up, so it's no surprise that she decided to write a book on the subject, sharing the simple recipes inside with the rest of the world.


Cookbooks have never been considered important documents in the history of Sedesta. Food has always been treated as a plain necessity, not something akin to an art. Even two hundred years ago, at the height of the long peace between the Sedestan nations, there was never any need to pass down recipes and culinary traditions in written form.   Delectable De'arian Cart Meals changed that, first by being attached to a very interesting and quaint tradition and second by being written from personal experience. Most cookbooks until that point in time had been written by travelling "food authors" who had made fortunes by learning (or stealing) recipes from their original cooks. Most of them did not have direct experience in cooking or at least did it for a living.

Public Reaction

The book has made quite a stir in culinary circles, and many copycat books from other regions of Orkanis have been made in recent years. None of them, however, has been as popular or as well-cited as this one.   Not long after this book came out, the Galloping Goose, Duza's eatery, became a key point of pilgrimage for connoisseurs and food-motivated travellers. Now in the hands of her great-grandchildren, the Galloping Goose still receives a large portion of its funds from the sale of her book, as well as replicating the recipes in it for interested tourists.
Manual, Culinary
Authoring Date
4E 211
Related Ethnicity
Related Tradition
De'arian Food Carts


Delectable De'arian Cart Meals was immediately hailed as an important step in recording this important tradition, but was nearly instantly shrouded in scandal. Up until that point, most cookbooks had been made by male cooks, so an older De'arian woman writing such a book was controversial. This was mostly due to the fact that she had disguised her name by authoring it under the name of Dusso

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1 Aug, 2019 05:47

Really enjoyed this one, I've recently decided to write a cook book for my world Delirium, I have over recipe posted and one other just about finished, so I really liked the subject of this. Again really cool!

2 Aug, 2019 04:24

Aww thanks :)