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How to Serve the Living


Crafted by the svartálfar ghoul lord Rectus Samhal the tome was used to organize and preserve the ghoul's favorite recipies and recording his cannibalism.

Historical Details


The ghoul were the crafted by Morgana LeFay's experiments in creating immortal beings. While at first the ghouls were near mindless with their hunger for flesh, Morgana created an advanced undead she named a ghoul lord that was able to keep it's awareness though they too had a nigh insateable hunger. After proving it was possible to retain one's desires without the weaknesses to sunlight that vampirism held Rectus rewarded Morgana with half of his wealth.   While Morgana continued to refine her experiments Rectus did not believe he would survive long enough for a perfect solution to immortality Rectus Samhal became one of the earliest ghoul lords. A gourmand in his previous life Rectus began experimenting with the various titan's, dire beasts, and other such creatures that lived on the island searching for anything to sate his hunger. During one fateful day Lord Samhal had lashed out at one of his hunter's who had unfortunatly pierced a dire boar's stomach ruining the haggis he had planned. The hunter's blood was on the lords hand as the servant lay dead at his feet. Rather than bury the corpse Rectus brought a bloody finder to his lips and decided to take the corpse into the kitchen. What followed was the first meal the Samhal had enjoyed since his death and return as a ghoul lord. Subsequent servants and innocents began vanishing as those who attempted to investigate the hunters disappearance or the ensuing victims as the ghoul captured and tested out his culinary skills.   Eventually it became all to clear to those servants what had happened and as they spread word an angry mob came to punish Rectus for his crimes. Rectus Samhal fought to the end before he was decapitated and burned though he took a great many with him. When his estate was torn apart for it's wealth one book that survived the ransacking was the Ghoul's personal cookbook. From that point it was sold or traded to a select few who kept the book either out of macabre fascination or a morbid love of history.

Public Reaction

When rumors of the book reached the living populace of Forbuho a swath of book burning and a few deaths came as many of the common folk sought to destory the tome. Surpisingly a great amount of wealth has been spent to obtain and protect the wholly unique book though no one knows if it has since been used. With most of those who remember the book gone only the records of the riots the book started remain as many consider the book to be either trash to be burned or a rare tome worth a fortune to the right collector.


It is not known where the book exists if it even survive the various burnings and brawls it's mere rumor started. While there have been several attempts to produce copies of the book for sale they have been all proved fakes. Now more a rumor and legend the story of the book has inspired a play in which Rectus Samhal hunts the wicked to craft the perfect recipe for revenge.

Guide, How-to

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9 Jul, 2019 20:08

Now that's a title that draws someone's attention. I'm really keen on a ghoulish book on cuisine - that just seems really delightfully dark and odd! :D Well done indeed! Who has the book now? Are you gonna add any recipes to the article? :D

12 Jul, 2019 07:13

The book was last hidden away by a macabre collector who passed away without telling anyone where he hid the book, allowing some foolish adventurer to find it. As for recipes I will likely come back to the article later when I am in a particularly morbid frame of mind.