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Morgana LeFay

Queen of Air and Darkness

Queen Morgana LeFey (a.k.a. The Undying)

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The svartálfar of Forbuho had long since grew fearful that their God's the Archfey would not return. Their passing had tainted the land and the svartálfar were cursed with the weight of ages. Most svartálfar would not see seven decades before they grew infirm and died. But as many svartálfar fled the High-Priestess of the temple to the Archfey drew the faithful and sought an answer to their troubles.   That woman was Morgana LeFay, and she sought the depths of magic divine and arcane in hopes of an answer. There she found necromancy, the power to survive after death. With this she taught her follower the magics that would stop the greatest minds and soldiers from being lost to death. She learned of the Animus and Anima, the parts of the soul that when split created the mindless undead. She experimented and created some of the first Lich, the first Vampire, and when she herself died she arose a specter with her Animus and Anima intact. Upon her arising as a spirit the grateful populace raised her as the Queen. And so began her reign as Ghost Queen.   The Queen continued her research and crafted the Citadel of the Moon. From there she held her second coronation when she claimed the body of the next High-priestess. After the Coronation the Queen continued to use the building as a lab to experiment more and when she died a second time she gathered her court to hold her third coronation.   This process continued for some time though the Queen's soul had become rotten the more she used her necromantic magics. Soon she began to speed up her passing as she began to age till eventually she would poison herself whenever she grew tired of her body. Each time a new sacrifice was taken and the Queen would possess them. This lasted for well over a dozen young beautiful svartálfar till the Queen grew greedy and began claiming new bodies at the first sign of age or for a passing fancy.   It all came to a head when the Queen demanded the The Blood King sacrifice his daughter to the Queen because many believed the girl to be the most beautiful in the land. Not long after the Queen claimed the young girl she grew frustrated at the small height and found a maid who was quite tall. As the Queen drank the poison drought the rest of her court traveled to The Citadel of the Moon to re-crown the Queen inside the maid's body. But as the Maid sat upon the throne nothing happened to her.   This was when the Coup happened, all the nobles of the Court of Breath were given their final death or enslaved by necromancy. The Queen herself was never to be seen or heard from again. A few svartálfar still believe the Queen is still hidden away somewhere but those that knew for sure have long since died.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Created many of the first undead to be seen in Sadin'Shaw. Others would stumble upon the same technique or recreate the same results but she was the first.
Current Location
647 699
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Ruled Locations

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