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Shadow Clan Svartálfar

When the two largest number of svartálfar split into the Shadow Clan and the Dark Clan it was the Shadow that remained in Forbuho. Raising Morgana to the rank of Queen the svartálfar came into a Renaissance of knowledge as their greatest minds worked without feat of death and their numbers never fell allowing much of the island to be claimed by the svartálfar. This continued on for generations as the population still suffered under the Weight of Ages but more than half their number returned as sentient undead. All was well until the Queen began to become more erratic, her mood more sinister and her conscience seemingly vanished.   At first it was an honor to sacrifice one’s life to give the Ghost Queen a body which she would use till it fell. But soon she became obsessed with youth in an attempt to capture inspiration, as a body began to weaken she purposely expired the body to move onto the next. It all came to a head when she demanded the Lord of the Blood Court surrender his last living relative, it seemed as if a civil war would break out but the Lord surrendered his great granddaughter willingly. Not ten years later the Queen found a comely serving girl and announced she would transfer her spirit to the luckless maid.   But when the ritual was set the Queen did not appear. While she was seen by her servants drinking poison her soul did not leave her body. It was then the Bloody Coup began, the Lord of Blood and many living svartálfar went to the Citadel of the Moon and slew the inner circle of the Court of Breath. Without the Queen the Court of Breath were captured and sealed away, and the King of Blood rose to rule over the svartálfar.   To appease the living and to extend the lives of the svartálfar the King brought the greatest minds of the svartálfar together to stop the weight of ages upon the living subjects. For almost a hundred years the scholars worked themselves to death and beyond to solve the curse of the island. Eventually the Great Undertaking began, a ritual to release the planes from this land. Gathering the greatest minds and strongest arcanists when the ritual was completed a silence fell upon the island.   Eventually a few brave svartálfar went to the heart of the island to learn what happened to the Great Undertaking, there they saw the entire city of Obsidian dead. Not just the death of a mortal but the true death that claimed all souls including that of the King of Blood. But their efforts had produced some success, upon stepping into the city the svartálfar felt the weight of ages lift off their shoulders. Soon all svartálfar from across the island settled within Obsidian, going so far as to plant crops within the city to reduce the need to leave. Without the greatest of their Undead the living outnumbered and outpowered the dead and for the first time in ages a living King rose to power. But all was not well as the city itself soon vanished from the island not to be seen till the two kingdoms settled upon the island.   For countless ages the svartálfar were trapped within a demi-plane of their own making, able to live but unable to leave their city. One day the city shook and all around them they saw they had been returned to Forbuho, but just as they returned so too had the weight of ages, their cure had begun to fail. Aside from that the land itself had grown wild, what seemed to be a few generations to the svartálfar had been centuries as the land had retaken all traces of the svartálfar save Obsidian. To pile insult onto injury there were two settlements full of intruders that had established themselves and had been looting the land.
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