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Weight of Ages

Transmission & Vectors

The Weight of Ages only effects those who have been touched deeply by ArchFey magic within the Island of Forbuho.


Weight of Ages is a side effect the blessing that the ArchFey gave their followers who they left behind. It is unknown weather the ArchFey meant to create the Weight of Ages but it exists within all svartálfar but in their attempt to hide their escape they almost doomed the svartálfar race.


Svartálfar on Forbuho all age at an accelerated rate so a svartálfar may live at most to the age of sixty before they become too weak from age. Each svartálfar can feel their very existence spread thin though they did not notice the actual strain it took upon their bodies till they experienced a time away from the island.


The only way to avoid the Weight of Ages is to avoid locations where two or more planes intersect. Leaving Forbuho or sequestering themselves within a pocket dimension will lift the weight of ages.


When the ArchFey fled this world to better hide their departure they used their magic to hide their movement across the planes. For that reason Forbuho is a point from which many planes cross developing the unique properties that make the island so desired. As a side effect to this the svartálfar for whom the ArchFey had blessed with a portion of their magic were caught within the magic and have their body, animus, anima, and essence all spread throughout the planes as they pass through Forbuho causing the Weight of Ages.

Affected Species

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