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The Court of Blood


The Court is led by Kiran Noquar who has recently taken control of the Court after his father stepped down and retired. Under Kiran there are four high ranking necromancers of the other Blood aligned families the five are referred to as the Heart of the court even though the Noquar family has been in charge since the Great Undertaking.   Each family in the heart has a head who in turn manages that family and any branches below, most family structures following familial blood lines in authority with rare but not entirely uncommon cases of successful svartálfar gaining higher rank through merit and/or marriage. Outside the families are the staff who work for each family as well as specific servants who work for the Court of Blood as a whole.

Public Agenda

We will open diplomatic channels but we will not stop fighting until we show these upstart invaders who this island belongs to.-Kiran Noquar Court of Blood Heart
  The Court of Blood seeks to improve the lives of the svartálfar lives while finding a curse to the Weight of Ages that curses all svartálfar on Forbuho. The Court of Blood is also the most open to integration with other races. The Court is also responsible to the care of and containment of the hungry dead.


While the Court of Bone seeks knowledge and the Court of Breath seeks the limits of their existance the Court of Blood is among the people. We are those closest to living while still immortal and for that reason we are loved and hated. They say we feed upon them but in truth we are just the reflection of the living, mortals must kill animals to eat but we can survive without any deaths. -Elan Varlov
  During the reign of Morgana LeFay the Court of Blood was driven by the hungers and urges they are the closest to the living while still being undead. Founded by Elan Varlov the Court of Blood began as an attempt to organize the various hungry dead under the Queen and directly by Elan himself. The court was ruled by Vampires and included Ghasts, Wights, and other hungry dead who were kept in check to insure the there was no senseless killing.   The Court rose to political prominence as the other courts held few members with enough attachment to the living world save for the Queen and her inner circle. This would have made the court more attractive to the living were it not for a few members losing control and staining both the Blood Court and much of the ground. Instead their numbers rose the highest due to the ability to transfer the undead state with other methods beyond magic though more than half those who elected to join the Court of Blood arose as zombies or other mindless undead.   With the revolt and alliance with the living the Court of Blood killed off most of the Court of Breath and obtained near dominance within svartálfar society for a hundred years. This led to many hungry dead becoming careless and willfully fed upon innocent living svartálfar to the point they almost started a second revolution. Instead the Blood King then assuaged the angry masses with the Great Undertaking to save the svartálfar from the Weight of Ages. This quelled dissent for almost another century before the court fell back to their bad habits and the Blood King had to rush the first attempt at the ritual. The result ended with the near decimation of all three courts of dead and almost the end of the svartálfar race itself.  
With the Blood King tearing apart the Courts of Dead the living had a chance to retake control of their lives. Some braves souls fought for this right and became the noble houses of today, without their efforts we would be under the heel of the dead. Vastana Abiir -Court of Blood Necromancer
  Today the svartálfar Court of Dead is staffed with decedents of living svartálfar who managed to take control in the wake of the Great Undertaking and suppress the remaining undead. Taking up the Court of the Blood was five families of necromancers who established themselves as representatives of the people. With Obsidian returning to Forbuho many svartálfar were angered at the outsiders claiming the island their ancestors were tasked to protect though many within the Court of Blood seek to ally with these outsiders after reclaiming the island.

Life Even After Death (Past) / Life Before Death (Present)

Governmental, Department
Alternative Names
Blood Court, Vamps, Hungry Dead
Kiran Noquar
Notable Members

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