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The Seafarer's Guide to Faefish

Recipes from Merrick

Every jar of Faefish sold from the small village of Merrick on the edge of Lake Idryl comes with a very interesting inclusion. A small rectangle of lake blue paper attached to the jar with a small length of string dangles against the clear or blueish glass of the faefish jars. Somewhere in Merrick , a small, elderly half-elf woman attaches the paper to the jar lovingly, having just attached her favorite faefish recipe to send to whoever wishes to enjoy the flaky delicacy.  
Faefish, a delicacy of Lake Idryl, is best served in a variety of ways. Baked, fried, buttered, salted. The fish is perfect for every meal and for every person. If you can't travel to the lake, let the faefish travel to you!
— Seafarer's Guide to Faefish
  The Seafarer's Guide to Faefish began as a joke, something to keep the elderly half-elves busy and to pass the time. The elderly women came together to write and decorate recipes, having given up on sewing crafts weeks before. Erik Northstorm had told them to write their favorite faefish recipes, and write they did in droves. The first recipe was attached to a jar and sent to a small village a few miles away from Merrick. The reception of the jar and the recipe created history.   Hundreds of hand written blue rectangles of paper streamed into the cannery and landed on the desk of a very surprised Northstorm. He hadn't expected such a turnout, with nearly fifty older ladies appearing at the small building used for the village meetings to trade, share, and write their favorite recipes.  
Their enthusiasm was scary. Hundreds of perfect recipe cards flooded my office until you couldn't see the floor! But they've been a great hit with the customers.
— Erik Northstorm
  Some of their ladies volunteered to tie their handwritten works of art to the jars, stating the process needed a loving touch. Now those ladies are paid for their labors, often having tea and cakes served by Northstorm himself. And so, the Seafarer's Guide to Faefish was born.


As faefish is a localized delicacy that just recently became available elsewhere due to the canning efforts in Merrick, the Seafarer's Guide to Faefish is a collection of recipes shared by residents of Merrick to help those who buy the canned faefish develop recipes for their new dish. Each jar of faefish comes with a single handwritten recipe, and no two jars in a shipment have the same recipe.   In some areas, those who buy the faefish are encouraged to trade and share recipes amongst themselves or to attempt to collect all of the handwritten recipes. To date, Northstorm claims there are about 150 recipes in circulation.

Document Structure

Publication Status

These recipes are only available in individual recipe cards through the purchase of canned faefish from Merrick.

Historical Details


These recipes were compiled starting about five years after Merrick starting canning faefish. While each recipe is handwritten multiple times, Northstorm keeps a master copy of each recipe which eventually may be put together into a single book.

Public Reaction

The reaction to the recipes attached to the jars was phenomenal. Starting as a single incidence, it wasn't long before everyone that purchased faefish requested recipes with their purchase.


Northstorm's master copies will serve as the legacy of the document as those that write the recipes may pass on.
Record, Culinary (Menu)

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