Fairbay (SC'19)

A Therian Foodie Paradise

Written by Steve Tremblay

In the small, quiet town of Fairbay the seafood is what travelers usually rave about. Fresh caught in the bay that day, the portions are usually large, served fresh out the boil and served with fresh butter from the nearby farms.


There are several eateries in town from standard pub fair at Brecken's Hearth to the high class standards of The Pounce and Claw. Both serve locally sourced seafood and farm fresh side dishes. Brecken's Hearth, run by owner Clay Brecken is renowned for it's roast boar and supported by the local community.


For the fancier folks traveling through town, The Pounce and Claw offers stellar meals at stellar prices. As an exclusive eatery, this restaurant sports no signage beyond the image of giant claw marks on the front door.
Opened nearly three years ago by adventurer turned restaurateur turned adventurer again, Marrek Aethelred, the Pounce and Claw has changed the landscape in the city. Marrek's attention to detail in every dish served has baffled and astounded both visitors and employees.


Marrek had previously published a cookbook called In The Kitchen With Marrek which was well received by those of the culinary persuasion. It was this small success that motivated him to open his own restaurant after he retired from adventuring.


While not 'local' cuisine, many of the items offered on the menu are inspired by the locals including the seafood tower, which is a sampler plate piled high with some of that days freshest catch.
Options like the Frightened Monkfish are a specialty of the house and are enjoyed by all.


More recently, Marrek has resumed adventuring leaving the business in the hands of his chosen chefs and the business has never been better.


Stop in next time you visit Fairbay for a taste of the local fair!

Pounce and Claw menu
by Jason Permenter