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The Irongate Gourmand

The Irongate Gourmand is a well-known compendium of culinary creations commonly cooked in Irongate, created in 1108 AV. Originally this cookbook was published to solidify all regional recipes into one commonly-available collection. While originally it was only purchasable to Irongate natives, it quickly spread across the sea and into western Telra by 1117 AV. Nowadays, the cookbook can be found at most general stores throughout the western hemisphere, and in some east hemisphere cities. Many regard Irongate to have good food in current times, despite the country's broken landscape and scarcity of materials to some of these dishes.


The Irongate Gourmand was created as a means to document many spoken recipes, and to share ones that might not have been known across the citizens of the nation. While that aim has slightly changed in the past hundred years, it did succeed at documenting many traditional recipes, such as kelbread, Torian-style steak, sokatas (a type of cornmeal biscuit flavored with spices), and more.

Document Structure


There are five main sections to the cookbook. In order, these are: breads, vegetable dishes, meat dishes (often bison or steak), fish dishes, and desserts. In newer publications, there has also been an additional category for regional drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Publication Status

In its conception, the Irongate Gourmand was originally accessible to Irongate natives. Nine years after it's publication, it finally made its way into the hands of Irongate's neighbor, Telondra. Nearly a hundred years later, this book can be found just about anywhere where human literature is found (with an exception of Plenn, Moongrin, and Arcadia).

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Many Irongate citizens were excited to finally have a complete documentation of their region's food history, even if much of it was destroyed during The Hundred Year War . In fact, many celebrated the release of the Irongate Gourmand because of that fact. Several recipes thought lost to time are now available to create in many households, such as sokatas.


Because of the Irongate Gourmand, many nations now view the country with a milder disposition than before, especially regions that were hostile towards it during the Hundred Years War (such as Ilysia and Aldren). Regional delicacies have also been made common throughout the western hemisphere thanks to it as well, especially in places where Irongate immigrants now live.
Manual, Culinary
Authoring Date
September 3rd, 1107, published Febuary 11th, 1108

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