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The Hundred Year War

The Hundred Year War. A bloody conflict, over what could only be described as "Mendaea's temper tantrum" by some. Those who ally themselves with the Dark Queen describe it as "Hayl's temper tantrum". To this day, the two groups under their Vex continue to host bitter rivalries, despite the conflict's cessation nearly a century and a half later.   Historians point to a council meeting of the Vexes in November of 1003 as the catalyst for the nearly century-long conflict. Hayl and Sorell (the Frostgrip and Stormborn Vexes respectively) had conversed openly about pursuing an open peace treaty between those under their banners (Historian's note: the Vexes at this time did not have any political sway. It is unknown whether or not in the future they will, given their near-immortality). Mendaea (the Shadowcloak Vex), upon hearing this conversation, grew upset that Hayl and Sorell, two antipodean Vexes, were considering being allies. Perhaps she grew even more concerned that the two would grow to power and be unable to removed from such power. Arduon (the Psycoronal Vex), acting as an arbiter in this initially small conflict, proceeded to recite the decree of the Æternal from the event of the last major war. None of the four others listened to him. In an attempt to counterbalance herself, Mendaea appealed to Evenne's (the Fireblood Vex) emotional state, and the two created their own temporary alliance, which would later go on to fuel an entirely different conflict. Arduon, angered and saddened by the lack of attention to his warnings, retreated from the council chamber, and remained at the Starlit Edifice for the duration of the war, which he did not participate in. Three months later, Mendaea and Evenne declared war on Hayl and Sorell. The ensuing conflict engulfed many neutral regions in a hostile feud that ended up destroying a handful of civilizations (see Savarro, Kaldstein, the greater Araji kingdom, Voldrym's Katheki empire, and the vast majority of Sorell's settlements in Irongate).

The Conflict


Telra:   The Savarran/Kaldsteinian coast   The southern Savarran coast   Savarro itself (Mendaea-aligned)   Kaldstein itself (Sorell-aligned)   Araj:   The northern coastline   The southern coastline   Tal-Avir (Evenne-aligned)   Voldrym:   The southern coast of Voldrym   The eastern coast of Voldrym   Kathekas (the seat of the Katheki empire, Sorell-aligned)   Irongate (entirely Sorell-aligned):   The Brittle Coast   The Chalk Coast   Misty Valley   The Iron Bulwark   Storm's Eye   Naea   Eastern coast of Shenar   Ironpeak   Eastmarch


Mendaea and Evenne wanted complete neutrality amongst the groups. They would not engage any kind of truce until that goal was met. Hayl and Sorell merely wanted to maintain a peace between all nations. This would have eventually encompassed all five Vexes, but they felt that Mendaea and Evenne were too hasty with their summation of what the two wanted. As for Arduon, he wanted complete cessation of any hostilities. Though Sorell, Mendaea, and Evenne paid no mind to him, Hayl consistently ensured that Arduon's group of Psys would remain unharmed.

The Engagement

Mendaea and Evenne's forces initially fought Sorell's in Voldrym at the start of the war. No formal surrender was given in Voldrym, and island-nation fought under Sorell's banner for eight years until being completely captured. Evenne claimed the island. After Voldrym, the two set their armies to Araj, which nearly immediately (two weeks) surrendered and transitioned its loyalty to Mendaea. Sorell's forces arrived two months after at the southern shore, with Hayl's arriving a few weeks after. They managed to reclaim most of the island's independent control, however Mendaea's armies ended up destroying and burning most of what they had previously captured. Savarro and Kaldstein each declared a loyalty to Mendaea and Sorell respectively, and fought many long battles between themselves before Kaldstein emerged victorious, only to be decimated at their eastern shore by Mendaea's late forces. Evenne sent a fairly large army to Shenar, Hayl's nation, which proved ultimately futile. Hayl's troops were highly defensive, and outlasted Evenne's, and later Mendaea's, forces for over seventeen years. Unfortunately, this left Irongate weak without allied reinforcements. During the vast majority of the war (seventy years), the near-entirety of Irongate was consumed from the outside inward by Mendaea's forces, and Evenne's.


Trade routes between Irongate and Shenar   Trade routes between the Shrouded Isles and Ilysia   Golvtharian Civil War   Arcadian Revolt   Eight assassination attempts on Queen Nebra of Carthea


Complete dissolving of any nations of Telra   The abandonment of Araj   The Sundering of Irongate   The Blood Wars (Arguable)   The Dragon War (Arguable)
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Febuary 17th, 1004
Ending Date
August 8th, 1098
Conflict Result
The Shadowblood Covenenant emerged somewhat victorious after a peace treaty was formed banning any inter-Vex alliance.


The Shadowblood Covenenant
Stormgrip Coalition


Subterfuge, destruction of buildings and agriculture, healing magic (Fireblood).
Resiliency, communication, defences.


Est. ~320,000 soldiers, ~20,000 civilians.
Est. ~445,000 soldiers, ~87,000 civilians.


Complete cessation of all inter-Vex alliances.
Defend the right for a Vex to ally with another Vex.

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