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Dungeon Cooking: Gourmet Recipes for Adventurers

Written by a local restaurateur, this cookbook is full of recipes using dungeon ingredients as the focal-point. Not all of the recipes in his shop are in the book, but those within are still very popular. In total, the book contain 43 recipes, generally leaning toward a seafood based menu.

Historical Details


The town this cookbook was written in, Diluvo Town, is a center of trade along the southern coast. The dungeon it is surrounding is well-controlled, with a wide variety of monsters and plants within. While centuries ago the town was primarily filled with adventurers, over time the town has developed a vibrant middle class. It is this middle class, traders and skilled workers alike, that the cookbook was advertised to.

Public Reaction

Now, the cookbook was incredibly popular, and really was a hit. The cookbook spread quickly across the town, and even into the surrounding countryside. For the most part, one can leave it at that.

However, the book has been criticized for slightly unconventional recipes. The recipes do taste good, and if one is able to acquire the intended set of ingredients, work exactly as intended. However, most people aren't able to get the undamaged carcass of a monster, of any sort. Let alone some of the more... eclectic things.

For example, the most controversial recipe is the iuge'shechij soup. While the fish and sea urchins are delicious, the book pays extra note to the water used in the dish. Preferably, the chef is to use sea-water from inside the dungeon, and if not that, then to leave any water used in a high magic area for at least three days. There are many issues with this.

Many people complain about the safety of using sea water from a dungeon of all places, but even the second method requires far too much effort. And left completely unanswered is whether the 'magical' attribute of the water helps the flavor of the final dish at all. Believers insist that it does, but arguments continue to this day.

Regardless, local adventurers do read and use the cookbook. If nothing else, the book is a surprising good field guide on the edible ingredients in the dungeon.
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