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10 recepies for clay oven

This is a collection of 10 manuscripts each one whit a recipe to cook in a clay oven.

Used to feed our great army during campaing.


This document has the recipes for 10 great meals to make in clay oven

Created as a referent document for the cooks in the battlefield provided by an "simple" clay oven this document became a real cooking book

Document Structure


This "book" is formed by 10 papyrus bind together and reinforced.

Each manuscript describe a recipe.


Originally this was used to feed the minotaur military during campaign, using a rudimentary clay oven and firewood.

New ovens metal clay ovens were built and some use other methods for heat. Some even divine magic for the Sun church.

Publication Status

This culinary book is famous among minotaurs and some large human and dwarven cities.

Historical Details


Legend told that a great minotaur cook Waja, while in the field during The two four war was rambling about some recipes his family know but need some hole in the ground to do it. One day the he weak up to see a rudimentary clay oven created during the night and some of the ingredients of the recipes he presumed.

During the rest of the campaign he cook and write the process making of the food. Some say he wrote near 35 different recipes but some where lost, others say only this 10 are worthy, others this 10 are the best ones.
Manual, Culinary


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