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Balefire War Wagon

Centaur tribes prowling the grasslands from Highland Strand to Grenchester may not worship a god nor owe fealty to a city. But fear o' the copper-clad war wagon will make 'em run faster then you 'ave ever seen in your life. What can spears do against a fortress that moves?
— Grenchester Knight
The Balefire War Wagon is a copper-clad armored wagon built by the Illuminated Empire of Grenchester to transport important cargo across the Thalorian Wilds or use as a front line defense when in unfavorable circumstances. All War Wagon’s are outfitted with iron wheel rims and a copper plated hull made by Dwarf blacksmiths of Ulek’vern in the Grenchester Rise mountain range. The wood is typically oak from the Shimmerwood forest. Once a War Wagon is complete, all materials and chosen beasts of burden are enchanted and strengthened by alchemy ointments.   One ox is the minimum requirement to pull a Balefire War Wagon although two is the preferred standard. Two oxen fitted with protective armor plating can pull the War Wagon at 2 mph and up to 10 miles per day at the standard pace. Only the best herd is chosen for service. The resulting competition between Thalorian herders vying for the Illuminated Queen’s favor and coin typically causes major headaches for Grenchester law enforcement and easy profit to local thieves guilds.

Armor and defense

On the open grasslands and high hills of the Thalorian Wilds, Balefire War Wagons are vital for safe transport and to fight back the elements. The copper coated bulwarks of the War Wagon is grounded against lightning strikes and custom built with proof against fire.   To keep the War Wagons from being overturned, both front and rear wheelsets are built to differing widths allowing other War Wagons to chain together forming a defensive barrier or wagon camp. In addition to forming wagon camps, these crucial war transports are fitted with iron ore in a hidden compartment under the wagon. This additional load helps to lower their center of gravity and makes War Wagons extremely difficult to capsize.
Current location
20,000 GP
Very Rare
2 mph when pulled by two oxen
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
3,000 lb


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