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Since I began this journey across the desert, today was the first time I saw the trubyubuo in action. [...] They were like walking fortresses, unassailable, and the mages within were able to take their time, whittling away the lives of the monsters.
— From Sia Skiyon
  A reinforced Oasis Tortoise, trubyubuo are masters of defense.   The tortoise is usually of one to two centuries of age, and about five to seven meters long, much smaller than its full grown counterpart.

Weapons & Armament

A trubyubuo has at least one ranged attacker riding within it. If possible, its preferred to have a mage within, as the shields can let an fully-spent mage recharge their stores of magic in peace. If no mages are available, archers can and have been used instead.

Armor and defense

The trubyubuo is further armored with shell from either shedding or a deceased tortoise. The shed shell, known as scutes, aren't nearly as hard as the full shell. Either way, both are far sturdier than a person, and are used to defend them accordingly.

Each shell and scute is cut and fitted into a small building on top of the tortoise. On each side is a small opening for the mage or archer within to attach foes. The only way in and out is a latched trapdoor on top, also made of the shell. The inside of this fortress of shell is scorching hot, and the only reason why it isn't untenable is the oasis tortoises innate magic.
Complement / Crew
1 steerer, 1 mage or archer
Oasis Tortoise
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