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Vashes Desert

The western deserts and rocky cliffs. Desolate and dry, the Vashes desert is the last 'safe' zone before the Wastelands.


The Vashes desert has two main zones: the eastern deserts, and the western canyons and cliffs as the desert fades into the Koni Mountains.
  The deserts are dry and hot, with only a little bit of rain in the spring and fall. None of this water will remain for more than a few minutes as the heat is simply too powerful. Travelers usually hitch a ride on an oasis tortoise village, or go along the coast to avoid the heat of the true desert.
  The cliffs going up and down the western reaches are different. The cliffs are less desolate than the deserts themselves but suffer greater magical pollution due to the closer proximity to the Wastes. One or two rivers thread through these cliffs and along them and the coast a great deal of life can be found.
However, if one goes deeper into the cliffs, and rocks will take back over. Only in the early spring when the magical currently shift east do plants flourish. For two weeks, flowers and plants sprawl across the cliffs, making it seem like a paradise. But one should be careful of dead spots. The Gwáute Cactus has an anti-magic effect that crystallizes the magic into its fruit. Monsters migrating in this season feed on it, making this a danger zone for explorers.

Fauna & Flora

Oasis tortoises wander the desert, carrying packs of Monsters along with them. Not all oasis tortoises carry only danger however; many tortoises carry whole villages upon their backs, with their young used as war-steeds known as Trubyubuo. The tortoises follow along currents of Ambient Magic flowing out of the Wastelands.
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