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Gwáute Cactus

A common sight on the cliffs of the Vashes Desert, Gwáute cactus are a common good in local homes.

Basic Information


Along with with storing water, the stem of a Gwáute cactus has adaptations to store magic. The plant is named after this ability, and how it is an 'empty vessel' for magic, rather than magical in of itself.

Genetics and Reproduction

Every year when the winds shift and Ambient Magic flows into the Vashes Desert from the Wastelands, plants begin to grow. This coincides with one of the two rain(ier) seasons, and the competition for these limited resources is fierce.

The Gwáute cactus has adapted to this with a two-pronged approuch. To create its fruit, the cactus absorbs all the magic in a small area. This kills off any competition, and leaves the plant free to grow. The resulting fruit is highly desirable to monsters and attracts them to eat it and spread the seeds.

In recent years, this strategy is a little too effective, and they can be found all over the hills, driving out other plants. The harvesting of the full plant by locals is likely the only reason other magical plants survive.

Additional Information


Small gwáute cacti can be found in the oasis tortoise villages of the Bio'áltáil. While they don't grow nearly as large as their wild cousins, the magic within is stored for the off-season, when ambient magic runs low in the village.

While also farmed, many harvest the fruits in the spring. Fighting off monsters to collect these precious fruits is still risked every year. Gwáute fruit are the Bio'áltáil people's few trade goods.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The cactus has many different uses, all of which make it highly valuable to explorers and townspeople alike. The fruit and flesh are both edible and a great cure for Mana Deficiency. However, the fruit is only useful fresh making transportation difficult.

The other use is crucial for explorers into the Wastelands, as the stalk can absorb magic in the area. For those who find Mawàmortu Crystal too dangerous, or run out of it before they reach the Wastes, the cacti are a lifesaver. However, the stalk can store less magic than pure mawàmortu crystal. Furthermore, if the stalk grows too dead it might absorb magic too slowly to be use.
Name means 'empty' in Obeyåuian
60 - 120 years
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Average Height
1.2 - 2.6 meters
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