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Mawàmortu Crystal

Mined in the Koni Mountains and Obyea Mountains, mawàmortu crystal naturally absorbs Ambient Magic.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Mawàmortu crystal is so popular due to its ability to absorb magic. It is the inverse of crystallized magic, and some consider it the origin of crystallized magic. The fact that the two look so different and their different properties belay that though. The crystal can only absorb a certain amount of magic, and as it approaches its limit, the crystal becomes volatile. This volatility is the main issue with the use of mawàmortu crystal, and adventurers in the field might even use a full crystal as a weapon.

Geology & Geography

Throughout the hills and mountains, small pockets of the crystal can be found. Never in large quantities, and only a few crystals at a time. No pattern in the location can be found, but mawàmortu crystal is more common than jewels, if nothing else.


Trade & Market

While the crystal should only be sold by the Guild, mawàmortu crystal is more poorly regulated than one would expect. The Guild simply cannot monitor every mineshaft that potentially carry a few crystals within. Therefore, if one wants a crystal is willing to look, theres always one or two sellers under the table.


The crystal is best stored in a magically null region. Those willing to shoulder the cost will store it in a box crafted of Mythril.

Law & Regulation

Generally, the use of the crystal is regulated by the Guild. If someone wants to use it, one can apply at many Guild buildings for a permit. The test to use it is fairly simple and mostly just gives a couple warnings on its dangers.
Medium Gray
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Explorers and Hunters


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