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"Cut the ropes!"
"Cut the ropes!"
The cry echoed over the shipyard as ropes thrashed about, and with a creak and groan, Pyrelight began to roll down the slip launch over the logs and into the water. With a great splash, the newest of the Principality Siege-Sails was now waterborne. One of the largest power-sail designs to have been completed, it bobbed in the water, its two twin-mounted flywheel launchers looking ominous in the evening light.
Siegfried frowned. "So I understand the grandeur of it all, but how exactly is this going to help hunt down pirates? I can't imagine this ship being fast enough to catch a pirate cutter."
Colvin smiled. "The grandeur is the point. This may be the largest ship ever made in history, unsinkable by anything enemies of the Principality could throw at it, enough to raze a pirate stronghold to the ground if they were foolish enough to not surrender." He adjusted his admiral's hat and called out an order. "Shakedown crew onboard! I want this ship sailed out and back before sunset!"

Power Generation

Like Power-Wagons, Siege-sails are powered by flywheels, but naval flywheels are significantly larger and heavier than those in land vehicles. They store vastly more quantities of Power and are good for multiple days of sailing, but also place significant strain on generation sites when recharging.   The newest generation of Siege-sails have an ingenious method to generate Power through ocean currents; by dropping anchor into the ocean floor, the siege-sail can remain in place and drop buoys to deploy a floating water barrier, funneling the ocean current into a small water wheel. This allows for flywheels to be recharged to a certain degree without needing to be recharged at a friendly Powered dock, but requires seafarer's knowledge of where the strongest currents are and where anchor can be dropped. These flywheels can transfer their energy to the central ship's wheel in times of need, preventing the ship from becoming stranded in becalmed water.


Twin geared screw assemblies transmit power from the central flywheel to the propellers, and the Siege-sail can travel over a hundred miles on a fully charged central flywheel. Sails can be deployed in the event the flywheel power needs to be preserved, and a combination of Power and sail propulsion allow for maximum (though inefficient) speeds.

Weapons & Armament

The primary armament of modern Siege-sails are flywheel launchers; much smaller than the central flywheel used for power, these flywheels serve as ammunition to be fired from the launcher turret assemblies. Launchers can accurately drop the flywheels at ranges up to five miles away with good accuracy, punching through most constructed defenses. Ballistas are also on board and can be maneuvered to fire at smaller targets.

Armor and defense

Although built with heavy wooden construction and impervious to arrows and most ballistae, Siege-sails are not technically 'armored', and are vulnerable to attacks by flywheel launchers.

Communication Tools & Systems

Long-range communication at sea remains an ongoing research topic for the Principality's Navy. In the meantime, Principality ships communicate in the same way they have since antiquity, with various colored flags.

Hangars & docked vessels

Most Siege-sails hold anywhere between two and four small landing boats to deploy sailors, either for boarding or landing actions.
Owning Organization
Estimated per unit manufacturing cost of 1.7 million florins
The Navy of the Principality of Etoile maintains four naval siege groups, with three siege-sails in each.
65ft from the waterline under load
Up to 15 knots
Complement / Crew
At least fifty sailors, with a officer staff of at least ten.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Siege-sails are designed to carry at least 50,000lb of cargo provisions, enough for at least three months at sea.

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