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Blackguard Patrol Vessels

Armored battleships used by the Blackbay Security Patrol against pirates

Special thanks to Rosana Dos Santos Pinto for contributing with ideas for this article


"Dammit, here comes Blackbourne's deathsquad. Get ready to set sail, folks, we can't face them all head-on!"
— Alwer Deepsea, Captain of the Maelstrom

After the Rovers were prohibited from docking in Blackbourne, the Blackbay Security Patrol were created to defend the coast. As the Pirates were experienced sailors and fighters, a common and unexpirienced force to protect the city wouldn't be enough. To address that problem, the Blackguard Patrol Vessels were engineered, transforming common ships into terror machines with the use of Adamant plating and Rune Magic.


Weapons & Armament

The conventional cannons have been swapped for special cannons that use runes to fire Water bolts at high speed, resulting in deadly and infinite ammo. The exception in the model APV-5187, nicknamed "Thunderclap", which use unique Thunder cannons to explode enemy ships.

Armor & Defenses

While made from wood as other ships, the Patrol Vessels are covered with adamant plates, protecting them from enemy fire. The plates don't cover the ships fully, but only important spots such as the front and the sides of the hull, due to the weight and cost of the material.

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