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Vehicles of the Thundarr World

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It is crazy important we dig up and know of the mobile units that have been left behind so that we can improve our chances of survival. Tye
  We still have some elders that tell us stories about how our forefathers used vehicles daily. They speak of days when their grandparents could cross continents within hours. The ancient people traveled in the skies, in the seas, and through mountain ranges.   While the Impacts ripped those glorious days from our grasp, we can either rise above our heaping junkyards of scrap or wallow beneath the rusty, greasy frame shelters in fear.   Some of us have figured it out. Some of us can make the cars work again. Here is what we know. Again, add what you can to our datacube copy it and pass it on!  

Ground mobiles

Last recorded entry. See encoded video (right) This is inspiring and dreadful. Dreadful that given what all we are enduring, we turn on each other. The Wizards are a menace to this planet and we are on the brink of extinction, yet we cannot work with each other? Inspiring in that we CAN make these ancient things work to our favor. We can use them against the Wizard empires that enslave us!   The engine and frame are most important. If the rust has not eaten away the body, then keep it. Slap a weapon on it and you have yourself an assault mobile.   Cycles like these are what most of us can piece together with what we have available to us. You fuel that baby up and travel quite a distance. Great for scouting, reporting and if needed - raiding.             Legends speak of a specialized group of people who built incredible machines. Monster Trucks or something of that nature. If you find such a vehicle, chances are it has been well protected and may even be able to run!        


Work with what you have. It is understandable that three out of four vehicles will crumble to dust the moment you touch them. Do not get discouraged. Some ancient mobiles have been preserved or at least the most important parts have!            


If its durable and can hold a lot, don't waste it for housing. Settlements will reward those who can transport supplies. Mutants are on the lookout for Large capacity transport mobiles for the same reason. All transports are worthy of rading. Even if the captured vehicles contents are worthless.        

War Machines

Wizards have the knowledge and ingenuity to reverse engineer or retrofit parts of the fallen spacecraft for their own designs. These can be menacing ground assault vehicles, hovering speeders, flying death planes or ships. Steer clear of these dangerous units unless you have a war party ready to take it down. Losses will be great, but the benefits outweigh the risks in most instances. Wizards can use telekinesis and perhaps supply a power source to an otherwise inanimate vehicle.    


Some Wizards can transform a vehicle into a monster.
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Oh yeah baby, Thundarr had elements of The Transformers before it was popular.
  If you encounter a Wizard who is gesturing to a nearby vehicle, even if it is a pile of scrap, run like hell.  
Humans who kept the art of mobile craft. If only we could turn these on Wizards!
For Gamemasters - Starfinder rules on Vehicles. Vehicle Tactic Rules. And the Rules in regards to Vehicle Chasing.   Please note we are not dabbling with a brand spanking new sci-fi masterpieces, but rustbuckets that are slapped together. Please take these rules with a grain of salt. A modified set of rules will be coming.   How to make sense of the Vehicle Rules of Starfinder?
The Thundarr realm is set just over 100 years after the world ends. So it is plausible that cars and other vehicles are not complete piles of rust. If we stayed true to the 3000 years post-apocalypse timeline, cars would be gone. The just don't make 'em last forever. Go watch some Life After People videos if you don't believe me.

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