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Veramassian Ground Defense Mobile Platform (GDRP) 4907

A massive, land-based battleship, the GDRP 4907 is a testament to a nation or planet's wealth and military prowess. These armored behemoths are custom-fitted with the client military's choice of control and weapon systems, and are usually seen with massive, city-breaking railguns mounted on their top turrets. Most also have impressive missile arrays, and in rare instances, some may even be equipped with extra-planetary missiles. Their primary function in battle is as a mobile weapons platform, but they are also extremely useful for moving large numbers of troops into battle.   In their function as troop transports, the GDRP has a hangar on the upper deck that can accommodate up to 15 fighter jets of the folding-wing variety, or 10 with fixed wings. There is a garage on the lower deck for land vehicles as well.

Power Generation

Like most vehicles of its size, the Veramassian GDRP runs on nuclear energy, with two separate reactors, one at each end of the battleship.


This land-roving battleship moves into battle on four large treads situated directly beneath the main body of the battleship.

Weapons & Armament

This varies between the different militaries that deploy the GDRP. Most incorporate large, heavy-duty railguns on the upperdeck, along with missile silos located at the rear of the ship and smaller missile arrays that can be rotated to face any direction. There are also heavy cannons and machineguns mounted on every deck, and of course the personal weapons of the troops aboard.
According to manufacturer Veramassian, 1,200,000 GDRPs have been built in the last three hundred years. An estimated 500,000 of them are still in service with various planetary defense forces.
501 meters
1,084 meters
332 meters
In extreme situations, the GDRP can reach speeds of up to 100 miles an hour, though this is not recommended for long periods of time.

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