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Arcanaught Suits

"We designed the suit so that it can directly benefit any operator, whether its a user that is a powerful caster in their own right but is quite frail and weak, or a solider that lacks magical training." - Poster of PAS recruiting

Header taken from, by Emerson Tung
The latest invention to come from the wizard of the Magiya School in Eursia, the Arcanaught Suit is a heavily armored suit powered by an arcane cortex with the idea of being handled by either a powerful wizard who is quite frail or a solider wanting to boost their magical prowess. Standing in at 10 feet tall and weighing almost a tone, the operator loads to the PAS (Powered Arcanic System) through the back, and with the assistance of a handler, has the machine wrap around their body like an extension. The Arcanaught Suit is still a prototype and is currently undergoing trial runs to determine its effectiveness with the Eursian Army. It features a durable shell with proves not only hard to hit but also hard to damage, an arcane cortex that makes the machine run nearly indefinitely, and features enough versatility to match spell preferences. Most of the prototypes come with a form of short-range area-of-affect damage spell like Burning Hands or Shatter, a long-ranged artillery weapon like Scorching Ray or Magic Missile, a melee spell-like Inflict Wounds or Shadowblade (the latter the most popular weapons for a PAS user), and a few defensive countermeasures like Absorb Elements against magic, or Shield against material weapons. Emperor Benedish of Eursia personally oversaw the development of the project and hopes it would tip the scales in their favor against the Osians in the Grand Eursian War that is still ongoing during the development cycle.

Power Generation

The Arcanaught Suit is powered using an arcane cortex, like most constructs in Targonia. It's a self-charging, nearly-limitless generator of arcane energy that gets its charge through the concentration of spells.


The Arcanaught is a bipedal machine that moves its legs by micro-telekineseis systems powered by the arcane cortex. When the operator wishes to move the suit, the operator merely thinks of the movement they wish and the micro-telekinesis systems translate the thoughts into a minor telekinetic state, of which the suit then moves

Weapons & Armament

The Arcanaught Suit is designed to utilize a range of weapons, but most come with a base set of tools: The heavily armed gauntlet is specially weighted and delivers a hefty punch, while also storing capsules that hold spells like Burning Hands and Scorching Ray, with various levels and charges dependent on the scrolls used by the wizards who installed them. The PAS can cast the spell Shadowblade at 6th level regardless of the version used. More powerful mechs use spells like Fireball, Lightning Bolt and Fire Storm. Some melee-focused suits swap the gauntlet for a full-length lance that could be coated in fire, like a Flame Tongue.

Armor and defense

The Arcanuaght Suit is desginated as such due to the bulkiness and protection offered by its metal. It's conventional steel for the outer shell, but the inner workings include mithral and adamantine, which are very durable materials and not easily harmed. The bulk of the PAS makes it also extremely resilient to damage over time due to its structural integrity. Finally, it has access to some defensive spells like Absorb Elements, Shield, and even retaliatory spells like Hellish Rebuke, dependant on the model.
Powered Arcanic System (PAS)
800 pounds
40ft per 6 seconds (roughly 7.3 kph)
Complement / Crew
1 (Operator)

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