"Eursia exsists in both the past and the future. It wants to advance further in production and economics, but it wants to maintain a sense of culture and monarchy. It succeeded, but at what cost?" - Tiber Sectum, golden Dragonlord scholar

Eursia is often considered one of the most powerful nations in all of Targonia, from having the largest military and police force to having the largest influence in trade, commerce, and economics. It is one of the few nations left still run by a monarch, an emperor who was always determined by infighting and inner conflict within Eursia. This constant fighting started at the very beginning of the formation of Targonia when rulers would fight over who would be the ruling body. Because of this, it was always the innovating body of production and infrastructure, but at the cost of the rural communities that lied outside the Golden Circle. However, in 1271 AFT, the south-eastern portion of Eursia wanted independence, wanting to make a Eurisa-like state without the hatred and discrimination of all non-Eursian citizens. It led to a long civil war until a truce was called in 1309 AFT, when that nation would become Osia. In the time since, the international stage looked down at Eursia for its intolerance for immigrants and non-citizens, but also with fear due to not only the number of soldiers under its call but also its veterancy. A few centuries later in 1504 AFT, the emperor at that time, Emperor Cornelius, was assassinated, rumored to be by Osian spies. This has ignited the war between Eursia and Osia, and as such, it has turned Eursia into one of the most powerful nations, with enough power to worry the other nations.


Eursia is led by its emperor, Emporer Benedish, and his council of elite and wealthy supporters. All decisions regarding Eursia, her people, and the international decisions involving her are made by Benedish, with the advice and support given to him by the wealthiest, most powerful citizens in Eursia.


Eursia is often considered the greatest in many aspects. It is the richest nation in turns of economic wealth and prosperity. It also houses the largest standing military, police and special forces assets in all of Targonia, with the cooperation with the silver Dragonknights. It also has a considerable landmass full of resources and production and is integral to the supply and trade chain throughout Targonia, meaning businesses have the highest potential to be successful in Eursia. It also contains a high concentration of castles, barricades and fortresses along its south-eastern border with Osia.


Eursia, much like the story for its southern neighbor of Maladakova, is one of the few standing monarch powers in present-day Targonia. Unlike Maladakova, Eursia was a constant battleground for small skirmishes between warring factions while the rest of the world was building itself up around it. However, over time, the people of Eursia steadily stopped fighting and built itself up rather quickly, often at the expense of those who lost those previous skirmishes. Eursia was industrializing at a rate similar to Revellon, but when the south-eastern portion of Eursia wanted independence due to a disassociation with the ongoing race wars and discrimination in Eursia, a civil war broke out and lasted for decades until a truce was made, and Osia was formed. With the active war effort, Eursia surpassed Revellon in terms of economic power, manufacturing, and manpower, and it continues to do so when the previous emperor, Emporer Cornelius, was assassinated and the blame quickly fell on Osia, and a new war broke out

Demography and Population

Eursia is a heavily populated place, but it is mostly dominated by humans, at a rate equivalent to 80/20. The common minority races found here are often either Halfling or Gnome. While most of the races could be found here, they live in segregated communities and face daily scrutiny and discrimination at the hands of the locals and the government itself. It is said that according to official numbers, approximately 60% of the population is living in a quality of life equivalent to a noble, however, at the expense of the remaining 40%. While these claims are not proven, it is noticeable that all towns surrounding the Golden Lake in Eursia are far more developed than the rural, outsider communities.


The center of Eursia lies the Plains of God, a beautiful field where wildlife and creatures roam. In its center lies the Golden Lake, a populous lake that contains the majoirty of Eursia's population. The far western portion of Eursia has the Beshabu Forest spill over from Revellon. Just north of the Golden Lake is the Batistan Jungle, which also spills over from Albish Granova. Further north lies The Belt, a small banner of field, brushes, and destroyed trees. Further north is the Frothgren Forest, a forest/jungle combination that slowly turns tundra the further north you go. Eursia also shares some land next to Revellon in the form of the Percies Penisula that is attached to Revellon.


Large, trained and broke-in, Eursia's military and police force are legendary. Due to constant centuries of fighting against themselves and other nations in the early years of Targonia's development, Eursia has created a veteran army that seems more at odds with peace then war. This has caused global concern for fears of general warmongering, especially with it's active involvement against Osia. The soldiers are all heavily trained, healthy, and are known to live healthy, peaceful lives after retirement (similar to Ancient Rome and their Legionaries and Auxillary). Famous battalions include the Dawnguard, the Shocktrupers, the Firestarters, and the most elite of them, the Dragonlance Phalanx. It also has the cooperation of the silver Dragonknights in the area, of which Eursia constantly helps with their war against the white and black Dragonknights of Zidatzu and Albish Granova respectively,

Technological Level

Eursia is second only to Revellon in terms of technological and scientific understanding. Constant wars with themselves and other nations forced the nation to be innovative, creative and efficient, and many breakthroughs were found here in the early Targonian years, like the advent of the ballista and trebuchet. However, arcanic understanding is by far the most advanced it is in Targonia, in large part because of the Magiya School and its constant need of war students that help aid Eursia and her fights.


All 46 Gods of the Targonian Pantheon are known to be prayed here to publicly, but there most popular gods are those related to the Light domain, like Helm, Lathandar, and Sune.

Foreign Relations

Eursia's power has created extreme relations with other nations and factions. The most notable of which is with Osia, of which they are currently at war, with Eursia making claims it was Osian spies that killed the previous emperor. Revellon has secured borders with Eursia, but heavily denounces their discriminatory and outright racist policies towards minority races. Maladakova has favorable relations with Eursia, sharing similar ideologies of economy, power, and race. Albish Granova remains indifferent to Eursia, meanwhile, Zidatzu is favorable relations, since a lof exports go out to Zitadzu that help contribute to its stability.

Agriculture & Industry

Eursia heavily relies upon on rural communities for its sustainment of agriculture, of which a large portion of farms is found around either the Golden Lake to the north or the Plains of God to the east. Other agricultural needs are fulfilled by the forest towns found in the Beshabu Forest to the west. At the expense of its citizens in those communities, Eursia is self-sustained. In terms of industry, it is also self-reliant in those regards, with most busy centers of industry and production are found in the local cities around the Golden Lake, though individual blacksmiths, armoursmiths, coopers and leatherwork are found in every town. Eursia, with its connectedness with everything, as access to almost everything Targonia has, whether raw resource or produced item.

Trade & Transport

House Geld is a guild run primarily by gnomes and halflings, and they are responsible for the trade and transport through Eursia. At one point during peace time, House Geld was the combined guild that would be responsible for both Eursia and Osia, but when Emperor Cornelius was assassinated, Eursia declared war, and Geld caravans stopped running across the border. This infuriated House Geld because it was booming in a time of prosperity in that time, but Eursian-Geld is still running on behalf of Eursia.


Eursia's education is notable relative to other nations due to how polarizing the system reaches. 60% of the population receives some of the best education Targonia has seen, in large part to the Magiya School and the Arcanic Essembly. However, rural communities do not see the same information and even get the same opportunities. Many scholars believe this is a tactic by the emperor to ensure the populace is never educated enough and never united to rise up against it. Whether it's true or false, the rural citizens of Eursia are best represented by the normal peasant found in medieval France or England in the 1100s.


The Golden Lake communities, towns, and cities are the most highly sophisticated in all of Targonia, while rural communities have subpar or below average infrastructure. This has coined the term "Golden Circle", meant to describe the funds and construction allocated to a particular, favored area while the outside is completely ignored.

Founding Date
Approx. 2 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Highland Empire
Head of Government
Emporer Benedish
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
For everything that has ever created, in terms of raw, natural resource to handmade item, Eursia has at least once had it passed through its borders.
Major Imports
Eursia only takes in the imports of other nations to act as surplus export for their trade partners. Unlike other nations, Eursia doesn't do it to gain a political edge, rather, it does it because it heavily influences the neighbors around them, especially Osia.
Legislative Body
The decision-making body is composed of Emperor Benedish himself and some of Eursia's wealthiest and most powerful citizens. While the precise number of advisors changes, each is appointed either by personal invite by the Emperor himself (one-time) or by personal recruitment into his inner circle. The comity meets up at the request of the Emperor with the advice by others, and they meet up in the Eursian Godhouse in Helios. There, they discuss matters and concote plans of action.
Judicial Body
The Eursian Police Force are the ones responsible for the interpretation and delivery of the law to all citizens within Eursia. The Eursian Military is also authorized to enforce these laws during war time.

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