"Eursia and Osia are like the siblings that never got along. Eursia's the older brother and Osia is the younger one. Huh. That explains why they can't see each other eye-to-eye." - Markus Dawnseed, Revellion Minister of Foreign Relations

Osia is the youngest nation in Targonia thus far, gaining independence from the rest of Eursia in the 1300s. Osia is very similar to how Revellon is structured socially: it too believes that we must do what we can to help each other and make the world a better place at the same time, an idea that came from its desire to be separated by the constant discrimination and racism found in Eursia. It is currently led by King Marth and Queen Caeda, who are descendants of the original fighters that made independence possible. Due to recent events relating to the assassination of Eursia's previous emperor, Osia is currently fighting a war against Eursia, with Osia's military, The Emblem, being the bulkward that seperates Osia from complete utter destruction. Osia has gained the admiration of the other eastern nations of Targonia, but cannot intervene publicly for fears of starting a world war with Eursia. As it stands, the Grand Eursian War is at a stalemate, but the recent birth of Voidwalkers and the emergence of defiant Sourcerers may tip the scales, but as for whom that might favor is difficult to tell.


Osia, much like their neighbours to the west and south, are run by a monarchy with a ruling King and Queen. Unlike those rulers, however, they are much beloved since they are decendants of the original fighters that fought for Osia's independence. Now, King Marth and Queen Caeda make the decisions regarding Osia and her people, with advise and consultation given by their closest friends and the general public.

Public Agenda

Most nations aren't typically known to have a public agenda, but Osia is unique because it does have one: fight back against Eursia. Osia is committed to the war effort against their oppressors and warns neighbouring nations about Eursia and the power they currently wield.


Osia's population is almost entriely related to the war effort against Eursia in some way, whether its being a soldier, a medic or a swordsmith for The Emblem, Osia's army. As such, they have a notable army size and veterancy that is very similar to Eursia. Osia once had expansive fields similar to Revellons and was a powerful agricutlural exporter until the war burned most of it to the ground. Osia has barracks and fortresses in all the towns, and a armoursmith and blacksmith shop is found in each of them. Osia is also home to the largest horse population to the southeast, meaning the best horses are often from Osian pastures.


Osia is the youngest nation in Targonia, spawning off from Eursia in 1307 AFT. In 1271 AFT, rebels demanded independence from Eursia's monarchy, for disagreements on the treatment of minorities in the region. When the Emporer declined the offer, he sent an invasion force to pacify the region, and soon, civil war broke out. It was a civil war that last nearly 40 years, ending only international intervention was threatened on behlaf of Revellon, Nogahn Quiere and Rockdelven. Since the formation, Osia was given time to rebuild and remake their history, and soon, Osia would develop to become a nation similar to Revellon in many ways. However, in 1504 AFT, Eursia's emperor, Emperor Cornelius, was assassinated. The identity of the assassin is still unknown, but the most commonly accepted answer was an Osian spy as a retaliation of rumours that Eursia was about to launch a pre-emptive assault on Osia. This outraged the Eursians, and the Osians pleaded innocent in the matter, saying they would do such a unwise thing. This triggered the war between Eursia and Osia, a war that is often referred to as "The Grand Eursian War".

Demography and Population

Osia is predominantly human, but at a rate between the majoirty and minority races of 60/40 respectively. The minority population is very diverse, mostly due to the fleeing immigrants from Eursia back in the civil war in Eursia. Most of the individuals there fled successfully and created generations after the formation of Osia.


The center of Osia is the Carrosburg Hills, a common staging area for the Fire Emblem. South of that is the Guardian Forests, a small forest with a cut section that runs right through the middle. South of that lies the border with Maladakova and the Typhus Hills, a far more hilly and dangerous area. To the west lies the border with Eursia where that entire section of plainsland is called the Warlands where most of the fighting occurs between Eursian and Osian soldiers, running all along the Beshabu Forest up till the border with Albish Granova. To the north is the Batistan Jungle, which is spilled over by Albish Granova. To the east is the Redemption Coast where its main capital of Sanctuary lies.


Osia is famous for continually fighting off against the superior numbers of Eursian forces with their own smaller military often called The Emblem. The Emblem is rumored to be an army force mostly consisting of soldiers who's descendants fought against the Eursians in the original civil war with Eursia. Though their numbers are small relative to Eursias or Revellons, it is highly specialized in their tactics and is even led by the prince of Osia, Chrom. Osia is also home to the brass Dragonknights, but they do not partake in the Grand Eursian War, instead, they fight in the Dragonwars and against the black Dragonknights in Albish Granova.


All 46 Divines are prayed here to, but it is readily noticeable that the most common gods prayed to here are in the War domain, like Tyr, Bahamut and Torm. The soldiers pray to these gods before and after every fight, hoping that their prayers will be answered, and that this war will end. Helm and Illmater are also very popular, for they represent protection and endurance respectively.

Foreign Relations

Osia is often regarded as the friendliest nation of Targonia, due to the passion and empathy felt by it's King and Queen. Revellon, Nogahn Quiere, Rockdelven, and Albish Granova hold Osia was high regard and much respect, being the only nation willing to fight against the impossible odds that is Eursia. Understandably, Eursia and Osia despise each other to this very day, The Grand Eursian War still going on to this day. Zitadsu doesn't have an official public relation with Osia due to their connections with Eursia, and the remaining western nations don't have one due to distance. Most factions also have favorable impressions, especially from the Order of the Meniasampoca, who firmly believe to fight the good fight, even against all odds.

Agriculture & Industry

The agricultural industry is very limited due to the farms they once had burned to the ground in the war and that most nations can't trade with Osia due to threats of forceful intervention by Eursia. It is rumored that trades still happen, but in secret. As for industry, Osia has enough iron and metal to forge and repair the arms and armour often used by The Emblem and still have life move on. What they contribute most is horses: Osian horses are by far the best in their field, often related to nightmares for their speed and tenacity in combat and for hauling.

Trade & Transport

House Geld was once the guild house responsible for the trade between Eursia and Osia during peacetimes, but ever since The Grand Eursian War started, they have been working in secret with the Osian authority, from relocating troops, weapons and civilians, to transporting goods to them. They have gone on the record and say it is no longer about business, it's about doing what's right, so while they don't make money directly from this like other houses, they are highly regarded as the unsung heroes in the war effort. What money they do receive is from donations or secret transactions from locals and nations.


All towns are designed to withstand military campaigns and assults, with each have a desiganted fortress, barracks, blacksmith, and bunker for civilians. Each town is named with a theme of protection, like "Fort" and "Barrack" to show Eursia they won't go quietly.

Founding Date
1307 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Land of the Defiant
King Marth
Head of State
King Marth
Head of Government
King Marth
Government System
Monarchy, Elective
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Despite the lack of imports, Osia still feels obligated to contribute to the well-being of Targonia, and often trades weapons, armor, silk, dyes, and horses with the rest of Taronia, especially Maladakova, Revellon, Albish Granova and Zitadzu.
Major Imports
All trading with the rest of Targonia is "banned" in the eyes of Eursia, as they threaten forceful intervention against those who defy them. So no imports are publicly made to Osia, though rumors of secret trade deals are quite common, especially between Osia and Revellon.
Legislative Body
While King Marth and Queen Caeda are the ones that make the decisions, they do so with the supervision, guidance and consultation of their closest friends the public. They are typically available during most times of the year, and regular citizens could approach the King and Queen and inform them about some problems they might experience. Osia is unique for the level of unity that exists between citizens.
Judicial Body
If a notable change must be inplanted, it falls upon the Osian police force to notify the changes to the law. The Emblem may also be responsible for this, but are not as common, since they are actively fighting on the frontlines against Eursia.
Neighboring Nations


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