"Oh sure, the King and Queen say that they are doing everything in their power to stop crime. But to stop the very thing that's putting them in power would be idiotic. We are at the crux of a revolution." - Maladakovan citizen

Maladakova is the most southern nation in Targonia, touching the Southern Targonian Sea. One of the first nations to recognize its borders after the discovery made by human sages that would start the age after Targonia's formation, Maladakova is one of the few standing monarch powers in Targonia. Maladakova's history was largely determined and recorded by the Arkstead family, one of the oldest human bloodlines in all of human history. It is a family that was rumored to be one of the relatives of one of the scribes that started it all, and it fell upon the Arksteads and their allies to build up the young nation. However, as the Arksteads were not intending to relinquish power to democracy, they have bartered, begged and paid out people who would help assist the Arksteads to maintain power. This created a snowball effect that would still affect Maladakova to the present day: the Arksteads are still in power with King Damarius Arkstead and Queen Evelone Arkstead on the throne, but criminaly activity is noticeably higher here than anywhere else in Targonia. While the King and Queen have made promised to reduce the crime in cooperation with the golden Dragonknights, many citizens believed it was mostly white lies and a smoke screen.


Maladakova is a traditional monarchy led by a Carolus and Auris, often hereditary by the Arkstead bloodline. It is Carolus Damarius, Auris Evelone and their council members that decide the plans of action within Maladakova and her people.


Maladakova is rumoured to be the richest nation in all of Targonia, due to the constant schemes planned by criminals and masterminds in the area, but the actual statistic of wealth within Maladakova's treasury is average compared to the rest of Targonia. It has a small military force but a huge police force, in an attempt to squash criminal activities and hold back the constant tide of refugees coming from Osia.


Maladakova has the oldest family bloodline in all of Targonia with the Arkstead family rumored to be one of the members of the original human scribes that unified Targonia in the first place. However, the Arkstead bloodline back then was rather selfish and cruel to the other races, and thus left Revellon and made their own nation just south, calling it Maladakova. It is rumored that Maladakova has a criminal problem because of this: the Arksteads constantly hired mercenaries, spies, and criminals to build up their nation, most of the time at the expense of Revellon. Maladakova is rumored to have dropped these notions and preferences centuries before, but the citizens believe that the current Carolus and Auris are working alongside criminal rings like the Black Mask Society in order to remain in power. These claims are currently undergoing investigation

Demography and Population

The largest portion of the population is primarily human, followed soon after by halfling, then gnome, and then tiefling. While it is rumored that their small communities of other races, it is believed that they are met with discrimination and a general sense of mistrust, especially among races known for their chaotic backgrounds, like tabaxi and kenku.


The entire territory is covered in a dense forest called the Howling Forest. To the north-west of the border lies the Golden Gulf that is shared with Revellon. In the center lies a complex network of riverbeds called the Goldvire River.


Maladakova has one of the smallest army reserves in all of Targonia, since it has shifted most of its soldiers down to policing duty. What little force they do have is often either restricted to the barracks of the capital or they act as border security alongside the police forces with Osia. Some theorize that this is so because of the golden Dragonknights that live in the area, which are rumored to be some of strongest of the metallic Dragonknights


While all 46 gods are prayed to here in Maladakova, many citizens prefer to pray to gods found in the Trickery domain, like Tiamat, Beshaba, Mask, and Tymora. Despite the rest of Targonia wishing that Maladakova would outlaw prayer services to these gods, these requests were overturned by The Divine Order, since it is not recommended to stop mass-prayer to any god, for fears they could bring wrath and ruin to the Material Plane.

Foreign Relations

Maladakova has in-different relations with their partner to the north, Revellon. While attempts are made to quash the criminal activity plagued in Maladakova, Revellon has denounced Maladakova for allowing these activities to fester in the first place, although they are far from both considering waging war with the other. Maladakova, in its efforts to stave off criminal activity, has made negative relations with the nation Osia. With the ongoing war between Eursia and Osia, many Osias are fleeing the area and headed south to reach Maladakova. However, for fears of increasing an already problematic problem, Maladakova is rejected nearly all Osian refugees, which has understandably hampered the relations with most nations. It does have a special relationship with Eursia, however, since both nations are more traditional in terms of government structure.

Agriculture & Industry

The Goldvire River is the territory dedicated to the farming and agriculture sectors in Maladakova, with many crops very similar to Revellon's, like wheat, barley, and beans. It also has the Howling Forest which also pertains to many fruits not found elsewhere. Besides those notiable resources, the industry of Maldakova is either average or sub-par with the rest of Targonia, since the industry is more meant to serve the Carolus, Auris and all nobility, rather for their own self interests.

Trade & Transport

House Dinero is the guild hall responsible for the daily trading and transport of resources and valuables between Revellon and Maladakova. House Dinero caravans heavily favor the travel inside Revellon than Maladavoka because of the frequency of attacks from armed bandits and thieves. So House Dinero often works with cooperation with the Adventurer's League and ensures constant employment of learning adventurers as caravan guards.

Founding Date
Approx. 2 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Thieving Nation
Head of State
Auris Evelone
Head of Government
Carolus Damarius II
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Major Exports
Maldakova is the single largest exporter of refined jewelry in all of Targonia, but most of those exports are headed to Eursia. Almost everything else stays within the border, considering the vast amount of power held by its Carolus and Auris, it's reasonable to assume they only allow Eursia as its main exporter as a political strategy.
Major Imports
Maladavoka takes in crop imports from Revellon and raw material imports from Nogahn Quiere as their primary imports. There is also a high concentration of Elvish weapons and armor which would denote a trade relationship with Springlend, though both governments of both nations deny these claims.
Legislative Body
All decisions are made by the council that includes Carolus Damarius, Auris Evelone and their trusted advisors and representatives (which range from 6 members to 42). Meetings are typically called upon by either the Carolus or Auris, and they meet up at the Arkstead Estate to discuss matters.
Judicial Body
Although the job bounces between the two, the Auris is often times the one to announce these changes in the capital city first to the populace. Afterward, it falls upon the Maladakovan police to carry out the message further into the rural and border towns.
Neighboring Nations

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