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Underneath the troubled city of Lolstice lies an underground complex that has remained as one of Targonia's best-kept secrets. An underground city, where the most illegal dealings of mortals occur, from the hiring of assassins to the forging of powerful and illegal magic items. This is the city of Darkreach, and for as long as it has existed, it has been ruled by the iron fist of the Smithsigyn Mobster Family. No one knows how they got into power or why, but they are the criminal underworld's most notorious and dangerous families in Targonia. No one knows for sure how they keep this place a secret, with it attracting some of the vilest, desperate and professional individuals around the Material Plane, from thieves wanting the best edge on their next heist, to adventurer's searching for a needed magic item. It is believed that nearly all magic items known to mortals have at least passed through here, but for reasons yet unknown even by the mob family, when such dealings are made, they sometimes attract the attention of an entity known as Warwick. Its identity is also kept a secret, but what is known is that it lets out a blood-curdling howl like a wolf, and soon after, human screams soon follow, indicating a hunt of sorts. Despite this, Darkreach is a city in which it employs all services deemed illegal by the surface world, meaning whatever you need requires some sort of illegal activity, Darkreach is the place to go.


Darkreach is run by the family mob boss of Smithsigyn. They determine what happens down in The Reach, who gets made, who enters, who leaves, and most importantly, how to keep the location secret.


The Smithsigyn Family is the local security that ensures no word ever reaches the surface about its exsistence, though the mobsters do not care or intervene if a bad deal goes down: they leave it up to Warwick, a construct that prowls the shadows of the Darkreach, slaying those without guide or cause. It's unclear if the mob family has any affiliations with the abomination.


Darkreach is the only city with the infrastructure, materials, manpower and the lack of law to create more powerful magic items than the mundane common items of the surface world. While the precise nature of how each artifact is created is kept secret by its artificers, they often auction off their prized works to the highest bidders: mostly thieves climbing the guild latter, an adventurer's looking for a precise item, or corrupt nobles wanting to hold their power.


It features an underground waterfall from the river complex overhead that supplies water, waste sewage is carried miles away to an undisclosed location away from prying eyes, and it features a heavy concentration of forges, quarries, shops, and houses.


The precise value is impossible to determine, but given it is the THE underground city where the trading of illegal goods happen, the forging of new magical artifacts occurs everyday, and assassination contracts are written up, its wealth in material goods and services may vastly overshadow entire treasuries of other nations.

Guilds and Factions

The Smithsigyn Family is the most recognized family in all of Darkreach and has been running the underground city for as long as it has been around. There are also rumors that the Black Mask Society is headquartered here with its leader Shadowkeeper living here, though no one has been able to confirm that theory.


What history Darkreach had vanished when the Smithsigyn took a potion that made them forget about its beginnings some time before the present. The only certainty known is that Darkreach is built after Maladakova was officially recognized and Lolstice was its official capital.


Despite the wealth that passes through, nearly every establishment (minus the Smithsigyn Mansion) resembles more of a hut which creates an entire neighborhood that more resembles a city's slums. Everything is shoddily made but stable since most buildings are built on the side of the cave wall, with walkways being the means of connecting everything.


Darkreach is a hollowed-out cave with few entrances that are kept secret to ensure its security. One a notable landmark is the giant crevice that does not have a bottom. It glows a light green at the bottom, and its precise identity is kept secret (that, or no one really knows what it is). It runs the entire length of the cave complex and most of the buildings built here are around it on the cave walls. At one end of the cave is the underground waterfall, which provides artificers and smiths the water needed to power mills and cool metal.

Natural Resources

Rocks, minerals, and metals are the only natural resources Darkreach has access to, minus the water that comes from the surface through the waterfall. Darkreach is rumored to have the largest veins of Mithral, Adamantine, and Armadillium.
Alternative Name(s)
The Underbelly of Lolstice
Underground / Vault
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