"Revellon is like it's own positive plane here on the Material Plane. Food is plentiful, work is abound, security is not an issue, I love my neighbors... I'm lucky living here." - Revellion citizen in Pydret

Revellon is the crown jewel of Targonia, the epicenter of trade, commerce, progression, and advancement. The second wealthiest nation in all of Targonia, Revellon is home to nearly the majority of the entire populace of Targonia, with all manner of races found here. It was originally formed when human scribes made the mission of uniting the other races to fight back against the machinations of the gods that created them, and thus, needed to make an example out of themselves. This had led to Revellon being the headquarters to many organizations like the Divine Order, Adventurer's League and the House of Dinero. It has contributed the most to the advancement of Targonia and her development and continues to intervene into the many problems that persist today, from the ongoing Dragonwars to the Source Crisis to the live hunting of the Black Mask Society. To this day, Revellon is officially the strongest nation in all of Targonia.


Revellon houses the single largest economic system in all of Targonia, it's central location and good relations with most nations contributes to its emerging wealth. It is one of the richest nations, with silver, gold and diamonds continually mined in the Twin Baeruge Mountains in the north. Revellon is also headquarters for many of the factions like the Divine Order, Adventurer's League and mini-headquarters for the Arcanic Essembly. It is mostly self-reliant and has enough developed sectors in agriculture, mining, trade, science, and military that all other exports increase the quality of life.


Revellon was formed when a group of human scribes researched and discovered God's wager between themselves in the Material Plane. Since the humans themselves had no god they prayed to at the time, they took it upon themselves to reach out towards the other races to reach agreements of peace between all of them, and of the essence "overthrow" their creators, and they needed an establishment that would hold up these values. Over the centuries, however, the mission to overthrow shifted to understand the gods, and Revellon would be the bastion of religious understanding for all 46 divines.

Demography and Population

Revellon is the most heavily populated center of all of Targonia, meaning that all races, no matter how rare, are often plentiful here, even those which are originally landlocked or live in normally secluded communities. Humans make up the largest portion of the population, alongside the elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, and Dragonborn. The minority races include but are not limited to Tabaxi, Triton, Kenku, Lizardfolk, Firbolg, Gythanki, Gythzerai, Warforged, Changeling, and others. The split between the majority and minority is approximately 60/40.


The north-western portion of Revellon is Focklend's Point, and near that is the Twin Baeruge Mountains, a mountain range with a pass that connects Focklend's Point to the rest of the mainland. The northern portion of Revellon is the Beshabu Forrest, which expands to the far east of Revellon as well as the border with Eursia. It also has the Direburg Lake, of which Revellon shares borders with. Right in the center of Revellon is the Chauntea's Grove, which is a small forest surrounded by the Everset Plains. Just north-west of Chaunta's Grove is the Samsmith Lake, and just east is Lake Ferdinand. Expanding south from here is the Revellon Vein, a system of rivers that are connected to the Southern Targonian Sea. On the west side of the river, a series of small hills have been called Rockwell Hills. To the south-west is a peninsula called Burning Dagger, which forms the Blazing Gulf and neighbors Nogahn Quiere to the west. To the south lies the Howling Forest which just barely spills over from the southern neighbor of Maladakova.


Revellon's military is vast, inclusive, and diverse. All manner of races has come forth to protect Revellon from internal and external threats, though for the past couple centuries they have been focused on peacekeeping other areas like Eursia. Revellon might be Targonia's oldest army, but many constant decades of peaceful resolution has made claims from scholars that Revellon's army is actually quite weak compared to other nations. However, since Revellon has headquarters for the Adventurer's League, Divine Order and is the base of operations for the copper Dragonknight, the combined manpower Revellon has rivaled that of the currently warring nations of Eursia and Osia, though they are currently disorganized against a united threat as of today.

Technological Level

Revellon is deemed "the center of progressive scientific research, religious understanding and better fulfillment of the human condition" by many scholars across Targonia. It is often common for citizens from other nations to come to Revellon to undertake certainly studies. The greatest breakthrough, about 40 years ago (approximately 1490 AFT), alchemist students discovered a black, coarse powder that, when struck with a spark or otherwise hot source of energy, burns. This is later called "black powder", and Revellions' Army is the first to employ such a weapon, realizing that black powder can actually push out a projectile like a ballista if it was crammed inside a narrow structure. This gave way to the first Artillery Brigade and has cemented itself as the leading nation of science and discovery.


Revellon is the pinnacle of equal-oppurtunity religious worship, as all the gods have dedicated temples in nearly all the hamlets and towns as well as the capital city of Grandzam. However, the human populace here mostly prefer following gods that uphold order and good, like Garl Glittergold, Illmater, Torm, Tyr, and Yondalla.

Foreign Relations

Revellon shares almost universal good relations with most of the governments and factions within Targonia. Notable inclusions are The Divine Order, Adventurer's League, Arcanic Essembly, Dragonknights, Order of the Meniasampoca, and the metallic Dragonlords of Targonia. The Black Mask Society are not found of Revellon's intervention in international affairs, as Revellon heavily interferes with their underground operations. Chromatic Dragonknights and Dragonlords hold mixed feelings, as it is the bastion of the copper Dragonknights and Dragonlord.

Agriculture & Industry

The Everset Plains prove to be ideal conditions for successful agriculture that the southern parts of it never experience an off-season like winter or a wet/dry season, which provides constant production of crops throughout the year. While crops are primarily sent to its own denizens, Revellon exports all left-overs to either Nogahn Quiere to the south or Osia to the far east, which has upset the Eursian government in recent decades. The Twin Baeruge Mountains provide some iron, gold, silver, and diamond, and the Beshabu Forrest provides the world with lumber, pulp, fruit, and honey. Chauntea's Grove is a protected sanctuary and is thus not harvested, though rumors of exotic fruits, thousand-feet-tall trees, and large wildlife continue to persist. It also contributes culturally, mostly in the southern portion of the Revellion Vein, with masterpieces of art, poetry, and story-telling through Grandzam's esteemed colleges.

Trade & Transport

Revellon is heavily industrialized with plentiful of roads that connect the south-western neighbor of Nogahn Quiere and Maladakova with the northern provinces like Eurisa, Albish Granova, and Zidatzu. Despite Grandzam being one of the few capitals not being a port city, the ports it does own are comparative in size to the others, meaning naval trade is quite popular and is Revellon's preferred way of transport, with companies can supply the coin.


Revellon is known for its centers of education that include the College of Lore for bards and a few public libraries that could reasonably turn any commoner into a beginner apprentice wizard if given the time (and gold for components). The University of Revellon also delves into the realm of science, philosophy, politics, diplomacy, and religious understanding.

Founding Date
Approx. 1 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Jewel of Targonia
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Mixed economy
Major Exports
Revellon heavily exports its remaining crop supply to neighboring nations, but due to the market it adapts, all matter of items have been sold to international buyers. Trinkets, jewelry, weapons, armor, banners, horses, cattle, and even magic items are just some of the most common commodities often passed around in Revellon.
Major Imports
Revellon has developed itself as a nation that could be independent if a crisis were to arise, but currently has many trade deals with nearly every nation on Targonia. Nogahn Quiere for glass, Albish Granova for silk and spices, Springlend for fruits, Zidatzu for pelts, etc.
Legislative Body
Each representative is responsible for the formation, creation and jury of laws and regulations of the sector they control, although representatives often elect and/or hire other politicians to help them better understand, gauge and agree on what laws should be enacted. Once every 6 months, the representatives meet up at the Greenleaf Courtyard in Grandzam to discuss what laws are being added, what are being changed, and discuss on what laws should be altered or removed, of which each member makes their case and faces the jury vote with the other representatives, where majority vote wins the argument.
Judicial Body
The Monistar Court is based within the capital city of Grandzam, and is responsible for the interactions with the representatives and the introduction of new laws of the land. They work with the Revellion Guardsmen and notify them about the changes, and it falls on them to tell the populace in all of Revelon about the changes. They typically announce the changes via bellringers and newspapers, which typically appear a week after the represenatives meet.
Neighboring Nations


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