Nogahn Quiere

"We fall not under the master's control, to hate the other more than else. Glass houses show the transparency we've adopted, the stone walls the strength of our resolve." - Tyzangibar, red Dragonborn scholar

Nogahn Quiere, the homeland of the Dragonborn, is a nation mostly featured for its wide, expansive desert. It is the most central nation in all of Targonia and has been an economic trade stop for the rest of the world's trade, from being the gatekeeper into the western side of The Forgotten Land to the capital port city of Tazadoka Tul. Ruled by the 3 Dragonborn Houses of War, Law, and Dreams, Nogahn Quiere commands international attention if with economic ties and its birthplace of the Dragonknights. Nogahn Quiere is the baseland for the blue Dragonknights and the ancient blue Dragonlord, who commonly fight against the copper Dragonknights and Dragonlord in the northern nation of Revellon. The Blazi Desert is a large, expansive and unforgiving desert in the heart of Nogahn, the southwest is the farmland of the Avalon Sanction, the north holds the border with Revellon and the Garnazu Mountains, the east features the Blazing Gulf that separates Nogahn Quiere from Revellon, and finally, to the west borders with the Forgotten Land.


Noghan Quiere is run by the 3 Dragonborn Houses: The House of War, The House of Law, and The House of Dreams. All rulers/emperors of Nogahn Quiere come from the House of War, inspired by militaristic traditions, with the title “Arbiter”, and is largely responsible for the militaristic decisions, tactics, and doctrines of its forces. The House of Law is responsible for the everyday functions of living within the border and is responsible for the negotiations and diplomatic meetings with other parties concerning Noghan like other governments, special interest groups and so on. The House of Dreams is the religious head of Nogahn Quiere. According to the members, they negotiate with the dragon lords Bahamut and Tiamat via dreams and inform the other houses of potential issues, concerns or warnings coming fourth from either party.


Nogahn Quiere is known for their incorruptible soldiers that make up the Quieren Army as well as the Dragonknights both domestically and internationally. Nogahn Quiere is also home to some of the world's best glassblowers, blacksmiths and masonry workers since most of their cities are built with either sand, steel or glass. It also has one of the largest gold deposits found in the Garnavu Mountains on the northern border, emassing a large quantity of gold.


When the formation of the Material Plane was being created, Bahamut and Tiamat decided to choose a central location for the Dragonborns to call home, since they couldn't agree on what kind of habitat they agreed on, and since the other gods chose other locations like Corellon for forests and Grumsch for the Arctic, Tiamat and Bahamut chose a central place so that the Dragonborn could choose where to go, and allow for a variety of different scale colors and habitat preferences. It was also supposed to be the battleground between the metallic Dragonborn and chromatic Dragonborn, but over centuries of fighting, the Dragonborn broke away from this innate hatred and made their own mark on Targonia.

Demography and Population

Nogahn Quiere is the homeland of the Dragonborn and has the largest concentration of them throughout Targonia. Most Dragonborn live full lives here, comparative to Dragonborn in the Quieren Army or the Dragonknights. The second most common populace is Dwarf, mostly because the Dragonborn and Dwarf share excellent economic ties with each other, and work together fighting back invading forces found in The Forgotten Land. Next is human, and everyone else makes up the minority.


Nogahn Quiere is prodiminatly desert with the Garnavu Mountains to the northern and the Sleeping Forest to the east. The center of the province includes the Blazi Sands, which is Targonia's largest desert. To the south-west is a more temperate desert called the Avalon Sanction. The north-west borders The Forgotten Land, directly north is Revellon, and just east is Revellon, separated by the Blazing Gulf. To the south lies the Southern Targonian sea. All this combines into the ancestral homeland of the Dragonborn.


The Quieren Army is a combined army-and-police force that acts as police officers during peacetime and soldiers during wartime. It mostly consists of Dragonborn, but it also includes humans, dwarves, a few elves and others. Nogahn Quiere is a popular spot for soldiers to train, due to its hostile environment that forces soldiers not only battlefield tactics and engagements but also survival skills and navigation. While the army is considerably smaller than most other nations, it is one of the most veteran armies in all of Targonia. The blue Dragonknights also are stationed here, mostly to fight to the copper Dragonknights in Revellon, but is an auxillery force in case of emergency.


While all 46 Divines have a presence here, the most common gods prayed here are Bahamut, Tiamat, Moradin, Gond and Helm. Bahamut and Tiamat are common because it is the ancestral deitiies that gave birth to place (metaphorically speaking). Moradin and Gond due to the dwarven population found here, and Helm due to the Dragonknights in this area.

Foreign Relations

Noghan Quiere has favorable relations with Revellon and Rockdelven since they are neighbors to each other and work together trying to solve the multiple conflicts in Targonia. Every other nation is too far away to feel Nogahn's influence and bases their assumptions on the Dragonknights it produces as it moves to their borders. With that, Springlend has unfavorable relations due to the green Dragonknights causing trouble for its citizens; Maladakova is unfavorable relations due to the gold Dragonknights' presence in a nation rotten with corruption by the Black Mask Society. Albish Granova and Zidatzu also have unfavorable relations due to the black and white Dragonknights respectively. Tungushka, Eursia, and Osia do have favorable relations due to the bronze, silver, and brass Dragonknights respectively with their efforts attempting to stabilize each of the regions themselves.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to the harsh Blazi Desert, Nogahn is weak agriculturally with the only farm areas found in the Avalon Sanction, mostly relying on Revellon for its agricultural needs. However, it is an industrial powerhouse due to its emphasis on masonry, mining, glassblowing and smithing.

Trade & Transport

Nogahn Quiere is the gatekeeper in the western portion of Targonia, forming the landbridge the connects east with west with its partner Rockdelven to the west. Most caravans pass through Nogahn Quiere to reach Rockdelven through the Forgotten Land, an unforgiving stretch of wasteland. Nogahn mostly connects all its town and hamlets by road throughout the desert, though its possible to not see a town for weeks while using these roads.

Founding Date
Approx. 3 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Tazadoka Tul
Alternative Names
The Draconian Desert
Head of Government
Arbiter Naknazul
Government System
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Material exports, like iron, silver, gold, glass, stone, and steel.
Major Imports
Food imports, like wheat, barley, meat, milk, and beans are common imports.
Legislative Body
The House of Law creates the laws that govern its citizens, both native and non-native. Within this house consists of members of fellow Dragonborn that have been brought in based on their merit, essentially making the power structure in the House of Law a meritocracy.
Judicial Body
The House of Law and the House of Dreams carry out these laws to the inhabitants of Nogahn Quiere. The House of Law specializes in ordinary political, economic and geopolitical laws and reforms throughout the nation, while The House of Dreams specialize in religious laws and reforms.
Neighboring Nations

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