The Forgotten Land

"That place scares me. Sometimes I hear screams in the middle of the night, must be one of those lost souls from war's past. If Revellon is heaven on Targonia, this is Hell of Targonia." - Nogahn Quieren citizen in Hariel Dios

The Forgotten Land is a hostile territory ruled by bandits, hostile nomads, and unrelentless barbarians. It is the land bridge that connects east and west and is one of the most important trade paths in all of Targonia. It was once a lush and beautiful place when the Material Plane was created, but when the Dragonborn were fighting against each other, it turned the entire area into a warzone, and it has not recovered since. Fort End is the only establishment found within the borders, but it has no representative government, no system of economics, and is in complete anarchy. It is considered the least developed area in all of Targonia, and despite its innate hostility, thousands of caravans make treks through the roads yearly, often hiring guardsmen and adventurers. Even scribes and professors are interested in the area, as it acts as not only a microcosm of the native ecosystem but is considered a window into a time long before the formation of Targonia was recognized. Nogahn Quiere, Rockdelven, and the House of Airgead often hire adventurers to make life possible for the rest of Targonia. These are plenty of gold to be made working here, but it is a very dangerous and hostile environment.


There is no internationally recognized organization that holds dominion, rather a wasteland constantly teaming with murderous tribes, savage nomads, and fearless bandits.


What value the landbridge had in its hayday is long gone, either because it was lost in the constant fighting years before or scavengers and other looters have taken what little value was there.


The Forgotten Land was once a lush landbridge that connected East Targonia and West Targonia. However, due to the proximity, it was to Nogahn Quiere when the Dragonborn were constantly fighting each other, it became a battleground against each other, with an invasion force of dwarves coming in. After the battles were finished, what remained is a dry, desolate wasteland littered with weapons and corpses, which brought in looters and formed early bandit groups that continue to persist to this very day.

Demography and Population

The population found is here quite small, since most of what could have sustained it has long since been gone. The groups that do live here are tribes, nomads, and bandits of various races, though human, tiefling and dwarf makes up a good percentage.


It is a landbridge that connects Eastern Targonian with Western Targonia in the southern hemisphere. It is a featureless, desloate wasteland with very little landmarks. The only recognizable place on the world map is the "capital city" of Fort End, which was supposedly torn down many millennia ago.


The Forgotten Land has no official state army.

Technological Level

The Forgotten Land is one of the few locations on Targonia that is radically behind in Technology and Science. Since the denizens here have been kept back at bay from Quieren and Rockdelven soldiers, the few natives living here are hostile and unintelligent. There are pockets of modern-day bandit families that do occasionally pop up, but generally speaking, it is often treated as a time capsule of what the Material Plane was like long before the formation of Targonia.


Evil gods seem to be prayed to a lot around these parts, understandbly so, given the kind of populace the place has attracted. Popular gods followed include Bane, Mask, Silvanus, Gruumsch, and Talos.

Foreign Relations

The Forgotten Land has no official foreign relations with the other nations since there is nobody of governance to actually establish connections with. However, the other factions of Targonia have strong distaste and mistrust in the area. It is an extremely dangerous portion of Targonia that threatens even the best caravan guards and adventurer's, which has caused most nations to try and attempt to leave it alone. Nogahn Quiere is connected to the east and the Army there fights off intrusions from bandit clans, same goes to Rockdelven to the west. The House of Airgead is the only faction that involves themselves in the local area on the daily, as the ones responsible for transporting supplies and gold through the wasteland between Rockdelven and Nogahn Quiere.

Agriculture & Industry

Agriculture and Industry is virtually non-existent in the world stage of Targonia. The only thing the denizens could contribute is rudimentary technologies and equipment that illustrates the divide of advancement between The Forgotten Land and the rest of Targonia. Eye witness accounts include bandits using slings, javelins, and rocks against caravans, with the leaders of such bands wielding the only possible iron sword or mace the group might have ever found.

Trade & Transport

Despite the danger and unpredictable nature of the Forgotten Land, it contains the most important trade routes in all of Targonia. Since naval shipping is expensive alongside the shore, it is was often far cheaper for the House of Airgead to hire guards and caravan drivers through the area. These are heavily armed, patrolled and regulated. The roads are left in poor condition, forcing the House of Airgead to try and attempt to improve the infrastructure here amidst combat.


After a few millennia of poor maintenance, very few structures stand to this very day. The roads are littered with armour pieces, weeds and deformaties that make travel by foot difficult, structures have often fallen over and picked clean of valuable resources. Fort End is the only location with a few buildings standing, but these are poorly repaired and proved to be the base of operations for multiple bandit clans, of which there's plenty of infighting within to control the city.

Illicit, Other
Fort End
Alternative Names
The Soldier's Graveyard
Government System
Major Imports
The only "imports" that are found here are stuff bandits steal or raid from the caravans.
Neighboring Nations


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