"Oh thy our maker, Moradin, He spoke. He equip thy hammer, and molded thy anvil. The iron ingot, pure in essence, he smite thy bar, and gave rise to thy nation." - Common Mountain Dwarf poem

Rockdelven is the homeland of the dwarves, found just west of the Arkinsha Landbridge. The Toirneach Mountains are Rockdelven's most prominent feature, as it covers nearly 90& of the territory. However, life is found in the deep, underground cities the dwarves built many thousands of years before. It is an industrial powerhouse, known to be a strong exporter of iron, gold, and silver. It is also known to be very secretive in the past. Not much is known about the history of the dwarves from an outsider's perspective. but when the formation of Targonia was recognized, the dwarves made the step out of their fortresses and joined the rest of Targonia on the world stage.


Rockdelven is primarily run by the dwarven houses stationed in the capital of Helmgottia, where they decide the daily runnings and interventions of all dwarves and other non-race civilians within Rockdelven's borders.


Rockdelven is an industrial nation that heavily relies on the constant mining and refinery of metals and gemstones found within the Torineach Mountains that span across the entire nation. While the precise nature of Rockdelven's assets is difficult to acquire due to the secretive nature of the dwarves and their underground cities, what can be recorded is its absurd level of exports in terms of iron, metal, stell, brass, bronze, copper, diamonds, jade, sapphires, quartz and other minerals.


The Torineach Mountains had always been home to the dwarves, forged out of iron by their god Moradin. When he did, he made two types: the Cnoc and the Slibah. The Slibah dwarves were mostly relegated to mining and crafting responsibilities, while the Cnoc were mostly responsible for the management and well-being of their cities. Besides that, their history is not very well known due to their seclusionist ideology. That changed when the formation of Targonia was recognized. When othe races moved into the area, the Cnoc dwarves left their places of safety to help the new immigrants build the houses and communities needed to survive the high altitudes. After this, the two types were changed from Slibah to Mountain, and Cnoc to Hill, respectively.

Demography and Population

Since Rockdelven is the homeland of the dwarves, the largest portion of the population reflects this. Mountain dwarves make up the majority of the dwarvish population in relation to the Hill dwarves, at a rate comparable to 70/30. The next common is human since they were the first pioneers to populate the Toirneach Mountains, and then Dragonborn since they share a somewhat mutual respect and relatively close borders with Nogahn Quiere.


90% of the territory is part of the Toirneach Mountains, a mountain range that spans from the far south and curves east towards the Eastern coast of Western Targonia. These mountains are considered heavily impassible and dangerous, home to many hostile wildlife and creatures, like rocs, stone and storm giants, and the Red Dragonknights that roam these areas. To the south-east lies the border that separates Rockdelven and The Forgotten Land, in a landbridge often referred to as the Arkinsha Landbridge.


Rockdelven's army mostly consists of Dwarves and Warforged. While it is not uncommon to see other races, Rockdelven heavily favors native residents since they are typically already adjusted to the difficult terrain and conditions imposed by the Toirneach Mountains. The Warforged were built in response to the ever-increasing population of Red Dragonknights in the area, since the Dwarves heavily despise the Red Dragonborn, since the Dragonlord, Thoradin Magmanitis "The Volcanic King", took over the city of Ire'goldoter which used to be the dwarves' official capital.

Technological Level

Rockdelven is second in being the most technologically advanced nation, falling behind Revellon since it does not focus on the mass production of art and trinkets. Instead, it focus on the construction and tinkering of every-day items so that it becomes more efficient or valuable to the dwarf. The Warforged were built with this in mind. Rockdelven has the most advanced strategies and planning for the mining and excavation of raw minerals, and is the nation with the greatest understanding of the fusion between arcane magic and smithing, which has allowed dwarves to make common magic items.


While all 46 gods are prayed to in certain degrees throughout Rockdelven, for the longest time Moradin was the most prevelant. Understandable so, since Moradin created the race and the dwarves are instilled with a heavy sense of honor, loyalty, and family. After the formation of Targonia, the dwarves embraced the other gods, especially gods of the Knowledge and Forge domains, like Gond, Savras, and Waukeen.

Foreign Relations

Rockdelven has favorable relations with Noghahn Quiere, Revellon and Eursia. Noghan Quiere since they are economic partners, share a long history with each other and work together on taming the Forgotten Land that separates them. Revellon, since it's a huge economic market out their, and demand for Dwarvish weapons, armor, and jewelry, is always in high demand. Eursia shares a similar ideology, as in both are seen as elitist societies that care heavily more for the native population than the foreign nations. Rockdelven has sour relations with Springlend, since Moradin and Corellon Latharian have always been at odds with each other, differing in their beliefs of the cosmos, essentially making them mortal rivals. It hardly results in hostile aggression, but a relation more akin to a competitive rivalry and difference of opinion. It has no special relation with Tungushka, and other nations are considered "too far away" to be considered important in Rockdelven matters.

Agriculture & Industry

The secret of the dwarves' independence of food and agriculture remains a mystery to the scholars of today, since dwarves intend on keeping their techniques about what makes them sustainable, for fears the Red Dragonknights might one day exploit. However, what's not so secret is their mining and excavation secrets that have turned Rockdelven into an industrial powerhouse run by iron, gold, and coal.

Trade & Transport

The economic house responsible for the trade in this area is House Airgead, which is a Dwarvish/Dragonborn guild that is responsible for the economic wellbeing and regulation of trade within Rockdelven and Nogahn Quiere.


All settlements currently found on the map of Rockdelven are underground complexes. Mostly built by the dwarves, the non-dwarf races live in entire communities underground with only small portions of it spilling over onto the surface. The actual infrastructure minus the residential area is a secret kept by the Dwarvish engineers and miners.

Cosmological Views

Moradin, the All-Father and the Creator of Dwarves, used the iron found on the forming Material Plane and used it to create the first dwarves. Iron was used because it was tough and durable, but also moldable in case it needed to be changed. This has led to the hardiness that the dwarves are famous for. With that, Moradin then created the two types of dwarves. Coal was added to fire up the engines of creativity and further perseverance, which would lead to the Slibah dwarves. Copper was added to the other batch, which created a more wiser and thoughtful subrace of dwarf that would maintain dwarven society, which would become the Cnoc dwarves. He would then create the Alguard Maxinov, which was the rules and regulations that would govern how society is run, how dwarves should interact, what their "destinies" are, and more.

Founding Date
Approx. 6 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Underground Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Rockdelven is responsible for the majority of all iron, gold, silver, coal, steel, copper, diamond, jade, sapphire and quartz products in some way. It also contributes heavily on the arms and armor dependent, since dwarven craftsmanship is considered some of the best in Targonia. On rare occasions does Rockdelven manufacturer Warforged for export use, though orders like this happen to select nations like Revellon or Eursia. And finally, it is the only nation known for crafting the common magic items in Targonia, since dwarves are the only nation that have the resources, knowledge of smithing AND arcane mastery to make such items.
Major Imports
Agricultural needs are the most common import found in Rockdelven, but whether its due out of necessity or a political strategy remains a mystery, since the food provided is not nearly enough to feed all of Rockdelven.
Legislative Body
The dwarven families found in Rockdelven follow the constitution (called with Alguard Maxinov) set fourth originally by Moradin when they were first created, and then they followed the revised version of it when the formation of Targonia was recognized, with accordance to Moradin. If the constitution fails to explain a course of action within the Alguard Maxinov, then it falls upon the elders of the respective dwarvish houses to decide their plan of action, of which it changes depending on the situation.
Judicial Body
The interpretation of the Alguard Maxinov orginally fell on the Elders of the Dwarvish houses on explaining the interpretation to the younger dwarves in the cities. However, with the introduction of the formation of Targonia, and alongside that the fusion between magic, smithing and artificery, the dwarves created the Warforge to act as the unbiased agents of law to explain it to the non-dwarf races.


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