"You have to be pretty brave or pretty stupid to go up to Tungushka, a fellow caravan guard once told me. For her information, my father said I was pretty clever and cowardly. Explain that." - Carvelli Goldwalker, famous Elvish bard, headed to Tungushka

Tungushka is the most north-western province in all of Targonia and is the homeland of the orcs. It was once believed that this land was a fertile and beautiful land when the Material Plane was created. However, the orc god Grummsh created the orcs in his image: a barbaric, destructive and nomadic being that pillaged everything in sight. And so, it destroyed the land into the wasteland it is today. Despite the carnage, civilization has taken hold in small bastions led by the half-orcs, after the original human sages that created Targonia traveled north and spread the word of their discoveries about the gods' machinations. To this day, Tungushka is under constant civil war from the half-orcs representing civilization and the orcs that represent chaos and had it not been to the other nations of Targonia and the bronze Dragonknights in the area, the country of Tungushka would cease to exist.


Tungushka is organized with a parliamentary democracy, often elected by citizens found living in the cities.


Not much of Tungushka has remained over the centuries of constant fighting between civilization and the barbaric tribes of orcs. Tungushka is ranked second-last in terms of wealth, stability and asset containment. It does have a good fortification per capita relative to the rest of Targonia, largely in response to these attacks.


Tungushka was at one point a beautiful and fertile land when the Material Plane was created. However, that changed when the gods of the Tempest Domain, led by the god Grummsh, created the orcs: barbaric humanoids with large tusks with an innate sense to pillage. The orcs pillaged the fertile lands and what remains is a desolate wasteland that is very similiar to the country of Zidatzu to the east. The only bastions of civilization come in the form of the half-orcs, which defied their bloodthirsty brothers when the original human scribes first arrived. Since then, the half-orcs have waged an unending war against the orcs with some help from the elves in Springlend and the bronze Dragonknights and Dragonlord.

Demography and Population

Since Tungushka is the homeland of the orcs, a large majority are either orcs or half-orcs, althouhg precise numbers of the orcs remains a mystery. However, in civilization, half-orcs just barely make up the majoirty, with a split of 51/49 between the half-orcs and other races. Next is human, then goliaths from the southern edges of its borders and the Toirneach mountains.


To the south lies the border with Rockdelven, the northern tip of the Toirneach Mountains and the Hoozen Foothills. In the center of the territory is the Por'daught Icefields, mostly inhabited by nomadic tribes of orcs and wildlife. Just north-west of Noz'grad is the Albinish Forest which has spilled over from Springlend. Further north-west is the Busian Pocket, where most of the fighting occurs. Directly north of the capital is the Caperstone Lake, and then after the Taldor'esk Gulf, which is home to the Argaust Island.


The military and police force in Tungushka is the most disorganized in all of Targonia, potentially second only to Zidatzu. Due to centuries of constant fighting, the government has resorted to conscription (after hearing the success of Eursia and Osia's conscription) in order to supply the constant need for sword-for-hire. It has often resorted to the bronze Dragonknights, Springish Elven detachments and the Adventurer Leagues' own adventurers to fight its wars.


While all 46 divines are prayed to here, Tungushka heavily favors gods of the Tempest and Nature domains, like Talonna, Silvanus, Auril and Deep Sashelas. The only noticeable difference from the rest of Targonia is the practice of worship of the orc god Grummsh has been recently banned by the civilized denizens and visitors up here.

Foreign Relations

Tungushka has many favorable relations, considering it needs them to maintain its stability and survival. They are the closest to Springlend, who are some of the most secretive. Rockdelven also contribute weapons and armor to the fighters in the civil war. Revellon, despite the distance that seperates them, declares Tungushka an "humanitarian crisis", and has diverted a lot of resources to the area, meaning Tungushka is on good terms with them. It understandbly does not have favourable relations with the orc tribes, and really good ones with the bronze Dragonknights.

Agriculture & Industry

Due to the cold climate, it is nearly impossible for agriculture to flourish up here. It mostly relies on fishing as its primary means of sustainment from the Caperstone Lake and the Moroz Sea. Its industry is also not great, but not the worst either, and thats mostly due to funds brought in by the bronze Dragonknights and adventurers.

Trade & Transport

House Den'gi is the guild house responsible for the trade and transport between Springlend and Tungushka. Due to the constant fighting in Tungushka, most caravans hire elvish bodyguard and adventurers, since Tungushka cannot afford splitting its forces for security detail and since its most certainly possible that a caravan will be attacked at least one during their tenure.


The civil war has taken its toll on the infrastructure of the territory. While the major centers of civilization remain intact and on-par with the rest of Targonia, the condition of the roads and routes running through a rough and difficult to manage.
Founding Date
Approx. 9 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Western Cold
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Barter system
Major Exports
Tungushka contributes next to nothing in terms of the total export value in Targonia. However, it is famous for being the only manufacturer of the fish-based alcohol called Orkz Blud, which is one of the rarest drinkest outside Tungushka.
Major Imports
Tungushka imports mostly manpower and crops from the other nations. It receives soldiers from Springlend, weapons and armor from Rockdelven and Revellon, and it receives financial support and crops like wheat, barley, beans, and canola from Revellon.
Legislative Body
There is a parliament established in the capital city of Moz'grad, where a jury of electives (often elected by their merit and/or immediate need in political discussions) come together when a meeting is unanimously called upon to discuss matters of Tungushka and his people.
Judicial Body
Due to the crippling size of both the Tungushkan army and police, it often falls upon the bronze Dragonknights to notify the populace about any important changes. It also falls upon them to "police" its citizens, since most police forces are sent patrolling the few roads to ensure stability.
Neighboring Nations

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