"Springlend, I believe, is the next frontier of adventure and exploration. With many ancient ruins, hidden alcoves and its deep sense of mystery, I believe it holds answers to the most cosmic questions in Targonia." - Carmillia Everheart, AL President

Springlend is the western-most nation in all of Targonia and is the homeland of the elves. Springlend is covered in Targonia's thickest forest that spans the entire territory. Out here, most citizens live independent, self-sufficient lives away from the laws and regulations found in other nations, and while the Feysun Court is the recognized government here in Springlend, it is rarely known to enforce its laws, believing instead that totally free will is the purpose of life, an idea brought forth by Correllon Latharian. It is also known to be one of the most reclusive nations, not interacting much with the international community ever since the formation of Targonia. To this day, Springlend remains as one of Targonia's best kept secrets, not much is known about the nation and her people, besides them fighting off the green Dragonknights in the area and assisting the half-orcs in Tungushka with their own forces.


Springlend's governance is determined by the eldest members of Elvish society, a council that typically makes up about 30 members. However, these decisions made in this court are more akin to guidelines then actual rules: all citizens live their own independent lives with respect to the Elves that live here


Springlend is known for being a cultural center of art, poetry, and philosophy. The soldiers, although not the most veteran, are some of the most highly trained in all of Targonia. Elvish smithing created unique weapons and armor that only Elves could wear.


Springlend's history is mostly unknown, due to the secluded nature of the area. Another explanation is that the knowledge often known about its history is often either with the Elders or the Blood Elves, but the problem is that reaching the Elders in conversation is nearly impossible, and Blood Elves are extremely rare. What is known is that during the creation of the Material Plane, the elvish god Correllon Latharian actually explored the Material Plane during its creation and made his home in the western forests. In order to maintain his "vacation home", he created the elves to protect his home and enjoy Correllon's beliefs and acitvities, like songs, art and adventure.

Demography and Population

Springlend is the homeland of the elves, and as such the majoirty reflects this. From the elvish population, it consists of 4 subraces: the high elf, the wood elf, the blood elf, and drow with ratios equivalent to 40/30/27/3 respectively. The next common is Firbolg which is mostly located in the eastern border with Rockdelven and the Toirneach Mountains. Next is then human, and then everything else makes up the small minority.


The entire province is covered in a dense forest that is separated into 3 sections: the northern section is the Hriw Forest, the central section is the Malthen Forest, and the southern section is the Haradren Forest. To the south-east is the Kharmere Foothills and the border alongside Rockdelven. Springlend touches 3 different types of ocean: the south touches the Southern Targonian Sea, the west touches the Sashalien Ocean, and the north touches the Moroz Sea


The Springish Military is one of the most heavily trained in all of Targonia, with rumors that soldiers train for at least 150 years before they enter service. However, for the longest portion of their history, they never officially declared war on another nation or was an active participant in one. Because of this, many of them have never seen combat; sometimes relegated to the Springish Police Force. In recent years, they've been fighting against the green Dragonknights and the Orc tribes in Tungushka, but have limited success due to their lack of experience.


Springlend has been the slowest to integrate all 46 Divines into their borders, but eventually all gods were recognized from the Targonian pantheon. However, the most prominent and most prayed to are gods in the Nature domain like Silvanus, Deep Sashelas, Eldath and Malar. The one exception of this is Correllon Latharian, the elvish god of art and magic, often associated with Light.

Foreign Relations

Springlend lacks a lot of foreign relations due to their disinterest with international affairs, believing that it falls upon the emperors, kings, and councils on how to govern their people, not foreign powers. Springlend is currently fighting a war with the green Dragonknights and the Dragonlord after the Garav Incident in 271 AFT. Springlend does have favorable relations with Tungushka, since it sends their bronze Dragonknights to aid their fight against the green Dragonknights. In return, they send their Springish soldiers in the ensuing civil war in Tungushka.

Agriculture & Industry

Springlend is the most independent nation of all of Targonia, heavily relying on the preservation of the natural resources around them. They are famous for not raising livestock and plowing lands for crops, instead, the gather fruits from the trees and hunt the wildlife found in the forests of Springlend. Because of this emphasis to grow alongside nature, they are technically behind in industrial strength. The few sources of blacksmiths, jewelry and leathermakers, although few and far between, are highly sought after due to the incredible detail and craftsmanship found in each piece.

Trade & Transport

The House of Den'gi is responsible for the trade and transport between the countries of Springlend and Tungushka. Working as a caravan driver and bodyguard here is considerably more difficult, since the roads in Springlend are not paved or maintained at all, and the tall forests make it very easy for bandits to surprise groups. But the actual number of bandits and other unlawful denizens is often small, relegating this minor inconvenience. According to an elf advisor for the House of Den'gi, the actual roads themselves were more akin to popular game trails for wildlife, thus explaining the unpredictability of the road as well as the lack of maintenance of such roads.


Instead of the human socieities that build on top of the land, or the Dwarvish socieities to build underneath the land, Springlend and all of the cities and towns are built with the idea of co-existence with the land, especially with the forests and swamps. While this has led to sustainable growth, it has often resulted in a lack of maintenance and control of Mother Nature's effect

Founding Date
Approx. 6 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The West Forrest
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Springlend, however, is also known to not export much, using most of its resources very conservatively, and thus, not leaving out a lot to trade. But shipments of fruits, jewelry, hides, and lumber are the most common. Elvish weapons and armour are the most rare.
Major Imports
Springlend, much like Rockdelven, is not known for taking in a lot of imports, often believed that the imports they do take are more of political strategy than a necessity.
Legislative Body
Decision making falls upon the shoulders of the Feysun Council, a council of 30 of the oldest Elvish members of Springish society. They meet up, typically at the request of one of the members or the Springish Police Force, at Corellon's Cottage in Syngorn and discuss important matters like the economy, foreign affairs, and warfare.
Judicial Body
If any notable changes are made in the Feysun Council, the Elders notify the Springish Police Force about the changes, and it falls on them to interupt the changes and spread the message to the masses.
Neighboring Nations

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