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The Malthen Forest

"I'm pretty sure Redwoods look down on us the same way we look down on ants." - Springlend gatherer, in Sidh

The Malthen Forest is the center portion of the great Elvish forest that covers Springlend. It is the most expansive of the 3 subsections and is home to the greatest concentration of inhabitants living in Springlend since it encompasses the river system called Verknight. It is home to many plant and animals species, but the most famous of all is the tall Redwoods which are Targonia's tallest trees, which stand over 1000ft on average, which provide stable bases for many hamlets and communities within the area. The Malthen is a popular spot also for hunters, gatherers, and individuals who wish to stride out and live in seclusion: the density of the flora and its enriched biodiversity directly affects the local wildlife into developing larger builds and tastier meat for hunting, entire divisions of crops could be found for harvesting, and its lack of roads and game trails make it an ideal spot for hermits to stake their claim. It is also the most popular with adventurers since the vast forest hides evil creatures like hags and cultists who wish to continue their work uninterrupted as well as provide a unique experience in terms of the views that could be found here.


The Malthen Forest is the center portion of the forest that covers the nation of Springlend, and is one of the largest sections compared to its southern, more tropical Haradren Forest and its northern, boreal Hriw Forest. It has a complex river system to the west that touches the Sashalien Ocean called the Verknight, which is "life blood" in Elvish. Because of the Verknight Rivers and the research into botany by the elves, the Malthen Forest is famous for its enormous trees, some rumoured to grow above 1000 feet in height. Many of these trees have been converted into local town areas and Springlend's own capital city of Syngorn is actually built into the Fathertree, a tree rumored to be planted by the elvish god Corellon Latharian himself when he explored the Material Plane when it was being formed.

Fauna & Flora

Due to the expansive reaches of the Malthen Forest, it is very rich in biodiversity. A majority of the forest is temperate and changes with the seasons, so many ash, maple, birch and Cottonwood trees are found here. Malthen, however, is famous for its abundance of Redwoods, which are the tallest trees in all of Targonia. Heading further south where Malthen borders its sister forest Haradren, it slowly grows more tropical, especially alongside the coast with rainbowgum, seagrape and asoka trees. Further north towards the border with Hriw and the climate is relatively colder and gives rise to the coniferous trees commonly found in the nation of Tungushka which is north of Springlend, with trees like pine, Douglas firs, and spruce trees. The wildlife here as considerably larger than other populations found in Targonia; not surprising due to the wealth of food and protection found here. Common animals include giant forms of elk and deer that can stand over 9 feet tall at the head, giant eagles with wingspans over 20ft and large collections of bugs and insects. Notable animals are Rocs, gargantuan birds resembling eagles with wingspings rumored to be over 100ft long and powerful enough to regularly fight dragons in the skies. They mostly reside in the nearby Toirneach Mountains in Rockdelven southeast of Springlend, but they regularly fly over to Springlend to hunt game.

Natural Resources

The Malthen Forest is home to many lumberyards that chop down the wood that is populated and varried here in Springlend, although Redwoods are exclusively off-limits due to traditional Elvish beliefs and its importance in Elvish society. The animals living here provide resources to families like vension, fur pelts, and bones, which makes it a popular spot for hunters to go into and hunt game, whether for glory or for sustainment. Throughout Malthen (and greater extent Haradren) there are plenty of fruits that could be harvested, like apples, grapes and peaches, which are rare commodities out here in the western continent of Targonia, where Albish Granova in the far eastern continent of Targonia would otherwise be the only other place items like these could be found.
Alternative Name(s)
The Heartland of Springlend
Forest, Temperate (Seasonal)

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