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Albish Granova

"The warm sun, the humid air, the fresh fruit, the excellent game... this is just as much as an outlander's paradise as Springlend is." - Tabaxi hunter, north of Hasaiga

Albish Granova is a humid, jungled nation that is the homeland of various races like the Tabaxi, Lizardfolk, Yuan-Ti, Loxodons, and Tortles. The jungles are dense and difficult to navigate, but the biodiversity of the area also lends itself into a nation that has access to many rare and exotic resources that can't be found elsewhere. Back when the Material Plane was formed, each of the native races here use to fight against one another, but when the Yuan-Ti started to destroy the jungles and the introduction of the black Dragonknights was noticed, the Tabaxi, Lizardfolk and Loxodons united together to fight off against these threats. It was only centuries later when they were met by the human scribes that would unite the races into an official world now known as Targonia, and they quickly accepted. Ever since then, Albish Granova has been known as the exporter of Targonia's exotic resources and one of the few nations actively fighting against the chromatic Dragonknights that terrorize the area. Because of the constant fighting eons ago and the tendency to get lost in the jungle, many ancient ruins, temples and entire cities remain undiscovered for thousands of years, making it one of the most popular spots for adventurers to explore and give rise to their fame, though many have come back empty-handed.


Albish Granova is run by a committee of individuals coming forth from the 104 clans that reside in Albish Granova, which is mostly either tabaxi clans or lizardfolk groves. Every individual must partake in the committee for at least 6 months, but certain individuals can have longer or shorter terms dependent on the availability of the next candidate. The committee discusses issues relating to Albish Granova, her citizens and the international community, and a decision is made when the committee reaches a consensus on a particular issue.


Albish Granova is not particularly a wealthy nation, though estimates of potential gold found in ancient Yuan-Ti temples could possibly make it the wealthiest nation. It does a port city and thus has a navy to protect its oceans and dedicated guardsmen that contribute to the stability of the country. It does not have typical fortifications like barracks or castles, but most of the towns are themselves designed to be defensive locations.


Albish Granova is one of the many countries created during the formation of Targonia, as the ancestral country that the tabaxi and the lizardfolk came from. Before then, it was a wild and untamed land ruled by the multiple clans of tabaxi, lizardfolk and yuan-ti. Sometime before the unification of Targonia, the Tabaxi and Lizardfolk were able to unite as allies, and when the time came to create a new official government, they worked together in the attempts of fighting back against the Yuan-Ti and the black Dragonknights that would seek their ruin.

Demography and Population

Albish Granova is the homeland of not only the Tabaxi but also the Lizardfolk, and as such the greatest concentrations of both races are found here and make up the majority of the population. The next biggest population is Loxodon, and then human.


Albish Granova is heavily covered in a thick, dense jungle called the Batistan Jungle, where most of the clans reside in. To the west is the west is the Ancestral Lake, an inland lake that many pilgrims from the clans come to as a rite of passage when they reached adulthood before the formation of Targonia. In the center lies the Baruvian River, which passes right through Gyogibraltar and opens up into the Greenwater's Bay to the east. North of the capital is The Belt, which is a desolated area with few trees and shrubbery due to the intense winds felt here by the collision of the warm wind to the south and the cold wind from the north. Pass The Belt is the Frothgren Forest, a unique boreal/jungle combination area that marks as the natural border before going into the Arcadian Icefields in Zidatzu.


Albish Granova's army is nothing noteworthy in its own right, other than being one of the few armies that are actively fighting against the local Dragonknights in the area. It's appropriately portioned to what the country needs, and consists of mostly Tabaxi, Lizardfolk and Human volunteers representing their clans in combat. Some treat the army more as a passage of rites rather than a way of life.


While all 46 Divines are prayed to here in Albish Granova, the Life domain is a popular favorite as well as Nature, so gods like Sune, Illmater, and Eldath are common.

Foreign Relations

Albish Granova is allies with the states with Eursia, Maladakova and Zidatzu, since they heavily rely on each other in terms of economic support. Granova is currently fighting against the black Dragonknights and the Dragonlord in the area, as they routinely attack the multiple clans throughout the country as well as the capital port city of Gyogibraltar. It's relationship with neighbouring Osia to the south is complicated: before the Grand Eursian War, they were allies since Osia aided their fight against the Dragonknights with their own, but now with Eursia wishing no interactions between the two, Albish Granova does not interact with Osia for fears of repercussions from Eursia

Agriculture & Industry

Most of the clans outside the busy city centers survive as hunter-gatherers and contribute little to the Agriculture & Industry to Albish Granova. The capital city is where most things are made in the country, with a thriving fishing industry and a common producer of dyed clothes and fruits gathered from plantations.

Trade & Transport

House of Soldi is the guild house responsible for the transportation, communication and trading within Albish Granova as well as trips to Zidatzu. House of Soldi mostly comprises of Tabaxi and Lizardfolk traders and caravaneers, which proved to dificult once they committed to the trips headed north into the cold, arctic Zidatzu, polar opposite of the warm, humid jungles of Albish Granova. But they continue to do so because they believe in the idea of a unified and peaceful Targonia.


Only two major roads run through Albish Granova, one headed alongside the Redemption Coast from the northern Zidatzu to the southern Osia, and a road headed west from the port city to the Golden Circle in Eursia. Many clans relocated their tribes to these roads and have left behind hundreds of game trails that hunters, animals and adventurer's use
Founding Date
Approx. 5 AFT
Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
The Eastern Jungle
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Economic System
Major Exports
A lot of exotic fruits like bananas, pineapples, dragonfruit, oranges and sciphils are grown here in the plantations surrounding Gyogribaltar. They also export tropical marine life like barracudas, tooth pikes, and even alligators. Finally, it also exports exotic spices and flowers that can be converted to dyes, like cinnamon, peppercorns, dilacs, and berntens.
Major Imports
It takes in imports of agricutlure goods like wheat, grain, barley and apples from Eursia and Revellon. Besides that, the other imports it does receive is nothing of particular noteworthiness
Legislative Body
The committee is responsible for the writing and enacting of laws of which will govern the people within Albish Granova. There is no precise methodology as to how laws are written: a problem is typically discussed and then plans of action are discussed with conversations made about the effects it would have on the clans they represent.
Judicial Body
After a plan of action is created and the consensus is reached, the committee notifies all the clans of the change and then the guardsmen is notified about the changes as well.
Neighboring Nations

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