Corridor Combat Drone

Written by Sierra Brown
Special thanks to KailoESS for his help in designing the concept of the CCD.


A Sionian designed combat UAV. The CCD is essentially a remote control gun with three rotors strapped onto it, and is surprisingly effective and reliable. Variants of the CCD are developed and used by both Arshan and Solus forces.


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Developed by Sullivar Rasket, of Rasket Arms, the CCD is a small combat UAV commonly described as a gun with rotors. This remote control drone is specifically designed for usability in close, tight spaces such as spaceship corridors and hallways, and has a small frame as a result.



The basic design of the drone consists of three main components: The main body, the main rotors, and the auxiliary tail rotor.



The main body accounts for the main bulk and weight of the drone, with the center point being the weapon's receiver and barrel. In the original designs of the CCD, this receiver is bottom-fed by a double drum 100 round magazine of Arshan Caseless Ammunition in SMG caliber that can be detached and replaced by a drone operator should the drone run out of ammunition, with a 7" rifled barrel.


In Solus and Lassian adapted variants of the drone, the main body has been completely replaced. The receiver is pulled from a lighter pulse cannon design, with a pair of gas tanks containing pressurized neon and arasma. These gasses are fed in small amounts into the receiver and fired using an electrical charge at a rapid rate. The EM radiation emitted by these pulses is counteracted by the smaller amount of gasses used per shot and a layer of shielding around the receiver and barrel.


Main Rotors

The main body of the drone is flanked on either side by a relatively large multi-bladed rotor. This rotor is attached to a gimble that rotates on a single axis, allowing for adjustments to the direction of the main thrust. Combined, these two rotors provide powerful upward thrust and are able to keep the weapon hovering and stable even while providing sustained fire.



The rear of the drone consists of a weighted tail acting as a counterbalance for the weight of the forward barrel. Contained within the tail are the components for remote control of the UAV as well as the mechanisms for actuating the receiver. Attached to the end of the tail is a third, smaller multi-bladed rotor in a vertical configuration. This rotor is also attached to a single-axis gimble, allowing it to direct forces sideways or rearwards. This allows the drone to have much finer control and stability in yawing maneuvers, as well as providing a powerful boost in forward momentum.



The original design of the Corridor Combat Drone was developed by Sullivar Rasket in tandem with the Katarian company Rasket Arms. The concept came about while Sullivar was having a conversation with a group of Arshans and Sionians that commented on the high-risk environment of a corridor assault, and joked about throwing remote-controlled guns down the hallways.


The concept took several months to become a viable prototype, and another several months to become a functional, usable system, but the United Arshan Federation took notice and interest in the project and helped with funding and R&D in exchange for the system being made compatible with Arshan ammunition and materials.


The drone's final design was presented to the UAF and accepted in 2721 AD and has become a standard part of an infantry unit's close-quarters combat loadout. In 2723 AD, the designs were leaked to Sol-Lassi and eventually made their way to the Sol Empire who repurposed the designs to fire a modified pulse cannon instead.

A versatile platform for close quarters superiority.
Rasket Arms
Complement / Crew
1 Remote Operator
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
100 round double-drum magazine

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