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United Arshanov Socialist Federation

Written by Sierra Brown.
Artwork by Sierra Brown and NovaCandy.


Formed from the descendants of Russian, American, and Canadian colony ships fleeing the Third War, the Arshanov Federation is one of several main powers in the Milky Way galaxy.

Efficient. Powerful. Expansive. These words describe this 'Federation' perfectly. The expanse of their territory shadowed even that of our Varkesh. Their loyalty and fierce determination are as of yet unrivaled by any other Human nation I have studied. Even the fierce loyalists of the recent Drakari Civil War pale in comparison to the military dedication of the Arshans.

K'ta'kr'tee Dovolish scholar

The United Arshan Socialist Federation (UASF) is one of several main powers that exist in the Milky Way galaxy. As a federal stratocracy, the UASF comprises a variety of systems and planets. Each system abides by the same laws and values with mandatory contributions to the Federation but is otherwise self-governed.


During the Third War, nations and groups that fearing the perceived end of the Earth and all of humanity banded together to construct space faring colony ships. Among these groups was a joint effort between Americans and Canadians, and another group based out of Russia. Directed to the same general region of space, colony ships launched from both groups landed upon habitable planets. By coincidence, both planets exist in the Kithar System - These planets are now referred to as Navos and Newearth.


The UASF is a heavily militarized nation with a communist economy. All UASF citizens serve the military in one form or another with a minimum of 10 years of active service. Additionally, nearly all available civilian jobs benefit the military and the government in some way as well. Within the UASF, all resources are shared by the federation itself and are relocated to where the federation's logistical personnel deem it most needed. Currency doesn't exist, though it is commonplace for personnel whom make frequent contact with the neighboring Republic of Sion to carry Sionian credits with them. As a result, the UASF handles trade with other nations using resources, services, and physical goods instead of straight currency.


The general population of the federation is almost fanatically loyal to their nation, to the point of some outside observers perceiving them as 'zealot-like' in national pride. Unconfirmed rumors circulating from Sol Empire propaganda claims that the federation brainwashes its citizens to develop this extreme loyalty.


Divided into three main sections, the UASF's government consists of an Internal, Foreign, and Military sector. Every section is further split into individual subdivisions that specialize in certain fields, each under the command of that sector's director.


The Trizinov

Main article: The Trizinov

A designated 'Director' oversees each of the UASF government's 'sectors', and these three Directors form the 'Trizinov' that serves as the Federation's primary leadership. Each Director assumes full authority over their own sector, and the Trizinov together collaborates to make decisions that would affect the UASF as a whole.


Government Sectors

The Federation's government is divided up into three main sectors, headed by one of the Directors: Internal, Foreign, and Military. Each sector is further divided down into individual departments that handle various aspects of the UASF's day to day activities. Details regarding the Military Sector are provided in the Military section below.


Foreign Sector

Main article: Arshan Foreign Sector

The Foreign Sector is responsible for handling all foreign relations with other nations and territories outside of the Federation including diplomacy, trade, expeditions, and espionage, and serves as the 'public face' of the Arshans to foreigners. The Foreign Sector is led by the Ambassador Director.

Internal Sector

Main article: Arshan Internal Sector

Led by the Director of Statehood, the Internal Sector handles the inner workings of the Federation. This includes legislation, judicial bodies, logistical support and maintenance, public services, sector governance, and all other aspects of the government as seen by the general Arshan population.

Military Sector

Under the leadership of the Admiral Director and the highest-level command branch known as Zulu Command, the Military Sector encompasses all branches of the Federation's armed forces including its army and navy with only two exceptions. These military branches are Alpha Squadron, Delta Squadron, Foxtrot Squadron, and Tango Squadron. Between these squadrons the full might of the Arshan military is organized and brought to bear against the Federation's enemies, protecting the country's territories and population from external threat.

Public Agenda

The UASF was originally founded between the descendants of the Newearth and Navos colonies with the expressed goal of 'Maintaining a united people, so that nuclear war may never happen again.' This has evolved into what the government now calls a drive to maintain a high standard of living for its citizens, protect itself from outside threats, and form tight bonds with any other nations or races they discover to prevent another man-made catastrophic event.


This primary motivation has led to the UASF being mostly peaceful when making first contact with the Sionians, Varkesh, and Sol, despite the military strength maintained along their borders.



Sol-Arshan Unification War

The Sol Empire is the current primary obstacle of the UASF. The Empire's ideologies and methods of attaining their goals conflict with the Federation's own motivations and goals - Especially regarding what the Arshans see as the forceful unification of all humanity and purging of non-human races deemed a threat to humanity.

Varkesh Cold War

The current cold war conflict with the Varkesh also serves as an obstacle, though on a relatively much smaller scale than the Sol Empire due to a lack of open combat and communications. This has led to the Varkesh border being defensively militarized, impeding possible expansion or diplomatic negotiations.


Carbide Steel

Main article: Carbide Steel

One of the Federation's most valuable assets is access to a metallic alloy known as 'carbide steel'. This substance is named for its distinct, natural black color. Used as a replacement for most metals in the Federation, this material has a stronger resistance to force than other forms of metal available to the Arshans. This alloy is also rumored to be capable of absorbing light and thermal energy in such a way that the effectiveness of energy and laser weapons is diminished when this alloy is used as a form of armor.


Founding 1 AST

Formed at the same time as the Arshan Standard Calendar on April 32, 1 AST, the UASF began as a union of two planets in the Kithar System - Newearth and Navos, with Navos declared the new nation's capital. The Federation, from the very start, was looking at neighboring planets and systems and over the course of the next couple centuries, the UASF had quickly grown into a federation of many systems and planets.


The First Human Alliance August 32, 280 AST

On August 7, 280 AST, the UASF encountered their first fellow human-descendant nation, the Republic of Sion. Finding themselves meeting a culture that seemed the opposite of the strict, militaristic Arshans, the UASF was hesitant at first. However, this trepidation didn't last long, and soon the Federation became close trade partners with the bordering Katar Tribe and Sion Tribe, and declared themselves allies with the Republic as a whole. This relationship has been maintained, despite the Republic's open neutrality during the war with the Sol Empire.


The Sol Empire

The Larigo Expediton

Main article: Larigo Expeditionary Fleet

On February 18, 544 AST, a Delta Squadron border patrol made first contact with the Larigo Expeditionary Fleet at New Sibir. This event marked the first meeting with the Sol Empire, and the beginning of what looked to be a peaceful future with another human culture.

Sol-Arshan Unification War

Main article: Sol-Arshan Unification War

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Sol-Arshan Unification War May 2, 544 AST to present

Just over 200 years later, on February 18, 544 AST, UASF border patrols made first contact with a Sol Empire expeditionary fleet. Communication was difficult at first as the two divergent human languages struggled to understand each other, but eventually, proper communications were established. The Empire introduced themselves as the descendants of Earth and humanity, comparing themselves to the Arshans and citing 'Extremely dangerous alien threats to all of humanity that we must unite to protect ourselves against'. The Solus then extended an offer for the Arshans to become a part of the Sol Empire. The offer was barely considered before it was refused, with a counter-offer of an alliance instead. Communications and negotiations continued back and forth, with the Solus continuing to request unification, and the Arshans refusing anything more than an alliance with the now bordering Empire.

Two months after the first contact on April 39, 544 AST, during which the Solus continued to speak of uniting humanity and destroying the previously mentioned alien threat, the Empire contacted the UASF - This time, sending a large military fleet to the border. Instead of making another peaceful request, the fleet admiral demanded the Arshans submit or be destroyed as enemies to humanity. Refusing once more, the Arshan border systems were attacked. Official UASF reports indicate the Sol fleet destroyed the out-numbered border patrol fleet in the sector and bombarded several colonized planets, exterminating life without prejudice, before the UASF military was able to respond with the full might of their own fleets. The Solus were beaten back, and the Arshan border re-established with a heavy military presence. Open conflict has continued between the two nations, as the Empire continues to probe Arshan defenses for a weak point.

Demography and Population

The Federation's primary demographic is Arshan, though there is a percentage of citizens descendant from Sionian parents, or parents of both ethnicities. There are also records of Solus descendant citizens, though this is quite rare, as such cases are documented defectors crossing the Solus border - An act that generally ends in summary execution by Solus border fleets if attempted. Rough estimates based on a census taken in 482 AST showed 79% Arshan, 17% Sionian, and 4% Solus.


- 40.29% Navosian

- 38.79% Other Arshan

- 16.56% Sionian

- 4.36% Solus


The general population of the federation - Especially those of Arshan descent - is almost fanatically loyal to their nation, to the point of some outside observers perceiving them as 'zealot-like' in national pride. Unconfirmed rumors circulating from Sol Empire propaganda claims that the federation brainwashes its citizens to develop this extreme loyalty. However, there is no evidence to support this claim, and any Arshan accused of being 'brainwashed' would take it as a great offense.


Health and Medical

Citizens within the UASF are generally quite healthy and fit, with free and easy access to medical care. Treatable injuries are handled promptly, under the idea that the sooner a citizen can be declared healthy again, the sooner they can return to contributing to their community and the UASF.


Genetic diseases and deformities have become a rare occurrence in the Federation due to a policy of euthanizing infants identified with such diseases. This policy has been widely accepted among Arshan citizens as a merciful act, as it's considered cruel to force someone who cannot contribute to live in their society. This has caused some occasional conflict with Sionian and Solus citizens, whose original cultures do not share in this belief.

Technological Level

As one of the many space-faring nations that exist in the Milky Way galaxy, the UASF has access to various technologies relating to space travel, combat, and communications. Many of the technological advancements made by the Federation are focused on economic and military efficiency and equipment. Travel time between the farthest reaches of the UASF's borders using current UASF drive technology is about 1 month.


Due to the nature of the government economy, the Arshanov Federation lacks any form of internal currency - A concept that is foreign to their Solus and Sionian neighbors. The necessities such as food, water, shelter, etc. are provided by the state without any requirements beyond citizens performing their duties, and other services, amenities, products, etc. are generally available to the population, typically also provided by the state. However, there are some instances of individual systems within the federation having a form of currency or internal trade system for goods and services.


Luxuries and Recreation

General policy within the Federation regarding luxuries and recreation is any citizen can have anything they desire that can be provided by themselves, their community, or the government itself, if they have worked to earn it. Due to the strong work ethic among the Arshan population, this system has worked well for the UASF. In many cases, gaining access to the cutting edge is simply a matter of contributing to the development and production of the technology, or contributing to the community in general. Luxury services and recreation are free for Federation citizens, and the workers performing the relevant duties do so simply because it's their duty.


Service. Dedication. Loyalty.


American, Canadian, Russian
100% Human (79% Arshan, 17% Sionian, 4% Solus)
Founding Date
Political, Federation
Alternative Names
Arshanov Federation
The Federation
Ruling Organization
Government System
Power Structure
Economic System
Command/Planned economy

Although the Federation's economic system does not include a common currency, the government does employ a system of credit to track citizen's contributions to the Federation. This line of credit grows as citizens provide services, and can be exchanged for additional luxuries, resources, or supplies that would otherwise not be provided by the government.

Major Exports
Weapons and ammunition; Surplus agricultural and material resources; Decommissioned vessels
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Neighboring Nations
Related Species

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Cover image: Sairis Helosi Portrait, Galaxies End Logo, & Arshan Emblem by NovaCandy & Sierra Brown

Arshan Calendar

1 AST and beyond

Initiated by vote shortly after the formation of the United Arshan Federation, this calendar is based upon the timescale of the planet DeArshin, which has roughly 29 hours in a day following the standard seconds/minutes/hours timescale. Due to the shortened orbit of DeArshin compared to Earth, the Arshan calendar has eight months, each at 38 days in length. A DeArshin year lasts approximately 304 DeArshin days. See Arshan Standard Time (AST) for details.


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