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The Waveblade is a sub-type of the Riverblade, used mostly by the Gaanar, Gideya, and Nathras as means of crossing the Thorn Strait.   Unlike the Riverblade, created as a means of transporting wares and people through shallow waters, the Waveblade is built for speed and stability even in heavy currents and storms on the open sea. In recent times it also served as a vehicle used by the warriors fighting in the The Revolution War alongside Iovana Rava.


Waveblades, just like Riverblades, possess a large triangular sail and are therefore wind-powered - no matter if the wind has natural or magical causes. A simple helm at the back of the boat is used to change directions.

Weapons & Armament

The armament of a Waveblade are its passengers. The small boats accompany larger ships, usually from a distance or hidden in fog to attack unsuspecting enemies with with magic or arrows alike.

Armor and defense

The Waveblade's strength is also its weakness. Conceptualized to be fast and agile it can't be too heavy. While the outer shell are iron-shod and sometimes also equipped with magical runes absorbing or turning away damage, the passengers are very much in the open.

4-7 meters
1 - 1,5 meters
10 - 20 knots, depending on weather & wind
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
up to 3 people with medium luggage

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