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Sarathean Sabre

A subtype of the Riverblade, the Sarathean Sabre is exclusively to be found - as it name suggests - on the channels of Saratheas. It is a vehicle predominantly used for leisure and pleasure, a means of transport just as much as a place to sit, talk, and dine with friends and business partner.   These boats can come in many different colours and sizes, the larger ones even possessing roofs and built from finest dark woods, the smallest almost not distinguishable from the regular Riverblade apart from the more strongly curved bow. Since they are mainly used for transporting passengers through the sprawling city, using a Sarathean Sabre comes at a cost of a Neril or two, up to three-digit numbers depending on the distance that is crossed and the additional services that are booked. Particularly in the summer months the larger boats are booked weeks in advance for river picnics or romantic getaways.   Sarathean Sabres might seem as a luxury, but they aren't accessible to only the nobility of the city. They are used by locals just as much as by visitors, and since it is forbidden for civilians to move faster than walking speed on horseback or carriage in the streets, they are the fastest and most comfortable means of travel.


The Sarathean Sabre - depending on its size - can have 1-3 sails used to move it forward. The wind propelling the boat forward is mostly of a magical origin, since strong natural winds in the city centre are rare.

Common in Saratheas, not in use elsewhere
3-15 metres
1-5 metres
4-10 knots
Cargo & Passengers Capacity
4-25 passengers (including boatman)

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