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QFW Carbonaria

QFW stands forQuintesson Forge Works and the Carbonaria one of the Komelon class of spaceships capable of minimal speeds. They were designed to be launched from space to land on planetoids on the surface below.   These are given for free when a client would order a batch of 12 or more of the military class of bots. These transports were lost in the thousands during the First use of Cybertronian warriors. contract. And while the clients were upset with the loss of hardware the QFW simply held out their hand for more money to pay for more of the troops and hardware.   The Cabonaria is unique in that it was deployed at each battle of the contract and yet survived with barely any damage. Per the terms of the contract, the bots and ships were returned at the end of the conflict. The Carbonaria now residing on a pad next to the The Showcase Floor giving rides to customers to see how simple and tough they are.

Power Generation

A pair of spark chambers set up in parallel to each other's outputs.


Twin neutron engines using energon blended engines.

Weapons & Armament


Armor and defense

Hull is a double layer of Living Metal separated by an energon lattice to keep it energized reducing all none piercing damage.

Communication Tools & Systems

Uses a standardized QFW ground to satellite comms array.


Primitive radar and computer guidance directed by slave pilot.

Additional & auxiliary systems

A storage device in the roof of the ship is filled with the cells of a Energizer Machine if the field operation requires the occupants to refuel while away from proper support vessels.
Cold Smelting Pit
Owning Organization
Free with ever 12 military bots purchased.
35.94 Meters
10.54 meters
Complement / Crew
1 dedicated pilot bot.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
12 standard sized bots or 1 large one.


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