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Energizer Machine

The Energizer Machine is the closest thing the Quintesson have found on Cybertron to a organic plant. At first, they tried to eradicate this imperfection to the otherwise 'perfect' metal world. But then found that they would just regrow in rather short order and their 'fruit' was harvestable as an easy to transport fueling option for their products.

Basic Information


The Energizer Machine consists of the main stalk with various protrusions that if viewed from above look like a dodecahedron. At the end of each stalk is a different colored mesh assembly roughly the size of an earth basketball, that mesh expands as the energon starts to flow in and seems to be the main source of the force required to force energon into a solid state.   The rest of the plant is a dense metal formed by energon infused metals and rust that occurs naturally on the planet. Its roots are the second unique feature. The plant/machine's root structure actively drill through the surface of the planet with nanoscopic lasers that break the strata apart. Curiously the plant then exudes a slight magnetic field that attracts all loose metal that it then begins integrating into itself. Any material attracted above ground goes into strengthening either the stalk's structure or the cell pods, and the below-ground loose metal help the roots extended further into the ground itself.

Genetics and Reproduction

The Energizing Machines regrow from any part that is left in the unseen above ground spiral track. If no part of the Energizing Machines are available new growths will sprout at the edge of the domes and then the last one EM in a row will at some point grow one of its stalks out until it breaks off from its own weight and if it lands in the spiral it will begin rooting itself to turn into an EM itself.
Scientific Name
Cybertronic Convertus
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