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Living Metal

Living Metal also referred to as Cybermatter is the name the Quintesson's use to describe the energon infused metal of the planet Cybertron when it has the energy from a Spark Chamber applied to it or in the case of the limited 'natural' life of the planet a raw spark.   The Quintesson's do not understand how the material is naturally formed but have learned a way to create their own version for construction of their slave bots.


Material Characteristics

Most raw metal on the planet has an orangish hue. Living metal is dull silver with a glow that makes the metal appear to ripple.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Living Metal is at a constant temperature of 70 degrees to the touch.


The natural Cybertronian metal called Cybermater, energon and a spark.

Geology & Geography

Living Metal only naturally occurs on the two poles of the planet.

Life & Expiration

As long as living metal has a spark it does not degrade naturally. However once it loses its spark it begins to degrade within hours.

History & Usage

Everyday use

The bones and flesh of all life that naturally occurred on Cybertron before the Quintesson's arrived.

Industrial Use

Currently being used industrially to create the bot slaves and their vehicles powered by energon and a spark.

Manufacturing & Products

Manufactured by either harvesting Energizer Machine stalks or combining pure solid energon and certain metals from Cybertron together in a mold.

Reusability & Recycling

As morbid as it sounds, Living metal can be smelted back down for future use.



Stored Living metal has to be kept frozen or it begins to rust even in environments normally free of rusting like open space. Quintesson scientists assume this happens as the energon disappates despite energon containing nothing to feed the rusting process normally.


Rare outside of Cybertron
Dull silver with a shimmer the color of energon.
Melting / Freezing Point
Melts at temperatures of 2000 degrees Celsius
Common State
Living metal is only found naturally in the Energizer Machine and the creatures on the plains.
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