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Northern Fields

A vast semi flat shelf of landmass on the northern pole of the planet. Many non-intelligent but functioning machines have burrowed into the structure of the landmass to tap into veins of energon flowing deep below the surface.   The quintesson's employ two outposts hosting some of their slave bots designed to farm the Energizer machines to sell customers the cells as emergency power for their bots.


A largely flat expanse of land with some small dips where energon trickles to the surface in small pools. The terrain is mostly broken up by two semi-circle rises and plant-like machines.   Two dome shapes sit exactly halfway into the plains and equal distance apart. At the moment the quintesson's use them as outposts to store and load the cells onto transports bound for the Showcase. However, they have not attempted to explore exactly what the domes are.   Surrounding the plains is a huge expanse of emptiness that goes down halfway down to the core of the planet. Which suprisingly the local fauna never seem to go near the edge despite it being an abrupt drop-off.

Fauna & Flora

Turbo-Foxes, insecticons and various other mecha-animals with limited bits of intelligence. The plant-like Energizer machines, that convert raw energon from the planet into solid and stable forms of energon simply call Energon Cells.   In order of interactions the Energize machines refine energon from below the ground into cells. The cells are injested by the small insecticons which feed the various mech-animals including the Turbo-Foxes. Its unclear why there are only one species of 'plant' eaters.

Natural Resources

Energon trickles up from the ground in several small ponds, the plant like Energizer machines slowly replicate in a spiraling pattern from the domes, and when the energizer machines break down after having their cells extracted their metal is perfect for the creation of bot frames.
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