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The Factory

The largest building is known to those living on the planet. All things are made here.

Purpose / Function

Primary creation hub of Cybertron. Nothing that leaves the factory is fully functional as all creations lack a power system.


A gigantic open factory containing countless bays of various size pumping out seemingly endless machinery parts from blocks of material's brought up from conveyor belts from below. The room itself stretchs out in a flat plane so far the far wall can't be seen showing the planet itself to be round as their is a edge to the horizon.


The Factories's primary entrance and exit is a towering set of sliding doors that can open to the entire width of the factory floor which just like the length of the room stretch's out of view. Another exit is a set of elevators that go down into the floor.


A rarity for factories is the complete lack of exhaust pipes belting smoke out of the Titanic building. The exterior of the building is primarily made of the same material as the ground is but shined on a near constant basis by specially designed slave bots. Because of this instead of dull orange color, the building gleams golden to show off their wealth as it is visible from the orbital approach to the The Showcase Floor.   The interior is a hive of activity as simple robots and slave bots scurry about dancing in and out of complicated designed belts and machines that churn out parts with no breaks except to replace a broken bit here or there. There are no dividers between areas and the Quintesson Forge Works uses an AI named Q to coordinate creation with orders from the Showcase.
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