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The Wound

The Wound as it is known by those in Location Primarius is an unmapped cave system that the primary cavern runs so deep into the planet none that venture there ever return if they can make it past the Insecticons nesting near the surface.   Due to the large amounts of energon and cyber matter formed as the planet tries to close The Wound the insecticons here have grown in number and size compared to the plains areas on the planet. Here they prey upon each other and The Wound itself.   Unknown to the simplistic minded Insecticons the reason The Wound doesn't seal them all in instantly is a bit of Unicron's own blood was left behind when he struck the planet here. Cybertron wrapped it in pure energon as a defense mechanism. Slowly Unicron's blood is being forced into a solid state and towards the surface.


A large hole in Cybertron that is slowly healing itself but the seemingly endless swarms of Insecticons chew the edges keeping it from likely ever sealing up. Inside the cave is the main shaft that runs so deep no light escapes it. Along the shaft however, Insecticons have dug many tunnels and found many natural occurring ones as well.

Fauna & Flora

Filled mostly with various forms of Insecticons of widely varying size depending on how deep you go into the caverns.

Natural Resources

Energon drips from the cave walls in some places, and even the healing lip of The Wound is infused with it. Cybermatter at the edge of the hole is also used by the Insecticons to grow larger and reproduce themselves. Though how they reproduce a spark is unknown to Quintesoons science.
Alternative Name(s)
Insecticon Cavern
Cave System
Location under


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