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Sphere of Knowing

Inside a natural-looking dome-shaped section of the surface on a raised dais is an Orb of crystallized energon that glows with energon's natural light from within. It floats immobile above a pedestal made of normal cybertronian metal with wires leading from the pedestal top to the surface of the planet.

Purpose / Function

Originally during the 13 Primes life, this was meant to be a way for them to communicate across the planet at all times sort of a telecommunication hub.   After the death of Solus Prime and their splitting up, it was changed to link only to Alpha Trion who went into hiding. Those who successfully activate the Eye of Primus will be given a bit of knowledge from the caretaker of all the history of Cybertron.


Originally it was upon a tall pyramid but over the years it receded and the dome was slowly formed above it hiding the Eye of Primus from causal view.


The dome is but smooth cybertronian metal with no runes or sigils on the inside. But on the inside is inscribed a near-continuous set of runes and glyphs on every single available space. Only the eye itself is free of writing. The Eye itself seems composed of crystalized Energon giving off the light purplish glow of liquid energon.


When the primes were created the Sphere was created as well. When they split, to death and infighting the Sphere site began to change. Since then it has been unused save by Alpha Trion the only to his knowledge of the original primes to remain.   When the Quintesson Forge Works showed up to the planet the site closed its dome over and there has been no activity detected or even energy from within the dome. The area was shown to be so inert they Quintesson Forge Works set up a outpost to harvest the Energizer Machine 's on the top of the dome.
Alternative Names
Eye of Primus
Natural Wonder
Parent Location


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