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Man O' War

The Man O' War is a naval warship used by many navies throughout Iosis and is a mainstay of the Nefisian Navy. This type of ship is slower than brigantines and other merchant vessels but is more heavily armed than these ships. The presence of these ships deters all but the bravest or stupidest pirates from attacking Nefisian ships.   There are three different types of Man O' Wars: Galleon, Frigate, and Sloop of War. The Galleons are the most common ships in the Nefisian navy and identifiable by their three masts and being the biggest of the three. Frigates are midsized Man O' Wars who still have three masts but are noticeably smaller than Galleons. Sloop of Wars have two masts rigged in the same manner as Brigantines and are the same size of Frigates.  


Three square-rigged masts except and a lateen sail on her aft-mast propel the ship through the water.

Weapons & Armament

Depending on when the ship was built, the Man O' War can be equipped with between 32 and 144 guns arranged on three and sometimes four decks. The cannons on each deck are all different from one another.   For ships with four decks, the guns are as such; 8-inch smooth-bore muzzle-loading guns on the lower gun deck, 8-inch guns on the central gun deck, 32-pounders on the upper gun deck, and finally 32-pounders and one 68-pounder on the upper deck.   For ships with only three decks, they have the same types of guns minus the central gun deck.

Communication Tools & Systems

Signal flags and falcons are used to communicate with other ships.
Owning Organization
Thousands of gold
60 ft.
On Deck: 204 feet At waterline:175 feet
1,000 tons
9 knots
Complement / Crew
800 people
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
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