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The carrack is a type of ship that is often seen in Vutara Bay. Varying in size by their intended function, it is mostly used as a military vessel, though a handful of carracks work as transport ships as they can carry several tons of cargo.


A carrack is known for its broad and rounded shape, designed for longer journeys than sailing back and forth in the Bay. It's not a fast ship, especially the larger versions, and it is slightly more sluggish to steer than smaller, less bulky ships. Nevertheless, it's a sturdy ship staying afloat in both bad weather and after a moderate beating, making it a popular choice as a battle ship.

A carrack typically have three masts. The front mast has one square sail. The middle mast is the largest mast and has two sails, one small one at the top and a large one at the bottom. The backmost mast has a triangular sail.


The carrack was first developed around AE 1850, with the hopes of being able to get past the Sailor's Nightmare and explore the vast seas beyond. As this was not the case, the design lived on as it turned out to be a sturdy and reliable ship fitted for both transport and battle.


Both the Asharian and the Kuprian Coastal Guard have several carracks. Most of these are of the smaller ships, but both sides have one each of the larger sizes as their flagship.

The Stormfeather Lodge usually prefer smaller, faster ships than the carrack, but there are at least one carrack in their fleet.

Smallest size: Common
Largest size: Extremely rare
5.5 - 14 m
20 - 50 m
Complement / Crew
40 - 600
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
100 - 900 tonnes in total (including crew)


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