Living Flame

Beasts of steel and thunder bore down on us, glints of evil in the eyes of their gnomish pilots. They were not satisfied with death. Once they began to feel the tide turn against them, we saw the shimmer of teleportation magic... and then all we knew was the searing agony of flame.
  Mythology dictates that gnomes are a mischievous but happy species of once-fey. It speaks of how they like to play pranks on wanderers, and of how they always seem to get up and smile from whatever's been done to them. It is less detail-heavy when it comes to what happens to those who dare try to break that smile.   For the polyhedral gnomes, that breaking point came early in their country's history. Constant abuse and hostility from the other more-established civilisations of Iskaldhal gave them a far less warm welcome than that their cousins in Soniuch Zan had received from the Kingdom of the Galasthin Elves and the Empire of Meihua. Embittered and scared, they took their near-boundless creativity to the battlefield.   Though Polyhedra still maintains a large arsenal of military vehicles, one of their earliest designs was the Living Flame, a mechanical contraption that would erupt into flames amidst their foes. The design has been significantly iterated on since its inception: it was originally a simple wooden contraption with ignition mechanisms. Nowadays, it is most often an controllable metal device piloted by gnomish soldiers. Once its combat capability as a piloted mech fails, the soldiers simply activate their emergency teleportation and trigger the self-destruct, which releases the captive fire elemental to wreak fury.

Power Generation

Draws power from its built-in fire elemental and from kinetic motion.


Clockwork mechanics and pneumatics power its movement.

Armor and defense

Heavily armoured. Some variants have different plating designed to shatter into shrapnel, or to protect their insides better.
Fire is Glory
Complement / Crew
1 gnome per unit
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Has plenty of room for post-detonation passengers

Cover image: Explosion Banner by Geralt


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