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4th of Abadius, 5627 EA

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Where else would a party of adventurers wander but a world full of elves, dragons, and mystery?   So did the Champions ask themselves, at the beginning of their journey. Four years on, the world shudders in the wake of deific might as blasphemous magic rises from its ancient slumber. The world bleeds as man and demon clash frenzied blades, their ignorance driving deeper the thorns of venomous discord. The world laughs as dwarven children learn elven games, long-held hatreds forgotten.   The world is named Istralar. It hangs in the void of space, caught tight in the threads of twisted fate.   Away from the happy lights of cheery villages and beautiful harps played by peaceful elves lie warmongering empires and threats of indoctrination. Beyond the safe borders of adventuring settlements, long-fallen gods sink poison into minds and magic both. Liches battle for dominance under the howling strains of deadly northern winter as magic shatters into chaos through the sweltering heights of wild southern jungle.   This is Istralar, a land on the brink of apocalypse.

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Much and more of Istralar lies hidden within these pages. Here, you stand ready to peer into our unending works, into the life of our planet itself and all who call it home. It is our most humble joy to present these tomes to you, beloved reader.
— introduction to the the Codices of Istralar and Beyond
But be wary, weary wanderer, of what you find in our tomes. There is naught more powerful than the written word, and not all that is written should be read. Keep your wits about you and remember that history is stained crimson with the paints of victory.
— introduction to the the Codices of Istralar and Beyond

Want to know more?

Istralar is a world designed around Pathfinder 1st Edition, created by Paizo. Information about Pathfinder can be found on the official site, and game mechanics can be studied in the Archives of Nethys.   Hanhula, the author, can regularly be found on her twitter or contacted through her Discord.