1st of Rova, 5626

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Where else would a party of adventurers wander but a world full of elves, dragons, and mystery?   Away from the happy lights of halfling villages and beautiful harps played by peaceful elves lie dystopian empires that indoctrinate their citizens from birth, malevolent artefacts stolen from deities to destroy the very essence of life, and forms of magic that the gods themselves despise. Liches wage wars of control in the shade of northern mountains as magic wears dangerously thin over wild Southern jungles.   Follow the adventures of my party as they try to navigate the spider's web, or simply read about the places they might experience - from the town ruled by a soulbonded dragon couple, to the seemingly out-of-place sci-fi island or the surprisingly-functional country run by a band of orcs, Istralar has something for everyone.

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Beyond the Mirrors: The Saga of the Lost Ones

Pathfinder RPG

The Lost Ones adventure across Istralar, bearing the might of the Gods without a single fuck given.

Albietross Blindfoldedchaos Count_Drakin Tipper Mouseshy SorceressLily niblexis

7 players • The Campaign is Full



Cid La Flaga

Pathfinder RPG


Pathfinder RPG

Pin Whisperbreath

Pathfinder RPG

Kraia Woodslough

Pathfinder RPG

Licia Galewen
Ashlyn Alarian

Pathfinder RPG

Aniks Alas'thil

Pathfinder RPG


  • Map of Aletheia

    A map of the northern Aletheian Empire, showing the Undric Region, Serendel Forest, and the Everfall Mountains.