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Beyond the Mirrors: The Saga of the Lost Ones

A Pathfinder 1e game In the world of Istralar
January 2016 | Full
War is come to the lands of Valathe. Revolution hisses and seethes beneath the yoke of warring empires, the wounded land painted red with the blood of its own beloved children. Twisting the threads of fate, freed from their own dark prophecies, are nameless gods cast down for their sins - the Shards, dangerous artifacts and eternal beings both. Only one group can lead the charge to a lighter future - the Lost Ones, Champions of the gods, friends to many, walking legends of lore past and present, and meandering jesters of their own kind court. Together, they set forth to solve Death's quest and save their fading world...   Defying all odds to defeat horrors beyond comprehension and uncover mysteries long since lost to time, these Champions once had little in common save for their indomitable determination. Once, they wandered separately - walking their own paths. Life has brought them together to create their own peace in a world desperate for it, and against the forces that would tear their peace apart, they stand as one.   Can they truly succeed against the might of gods? Can hope and peace triumph against ancient terror?   We play on Sundays, at noon AEST.

This story is told by



  • Aletheia
    A map of the northern Aletheian Empire, showing the Undric Region, Serendel Forest, and the Everfall Mountains.
Supporting Cast
  • SigrĂșn Runasdottir
    A battle-hardened adventurer and heroine hailing from the Iskaldhan country of Halsgard. Known to be a powerful force - mostly for good, but always with an element of chaos.
  • Syrin Elathien
    The embodiment of a sinner, Syrin is a handsome redheaded half-elf with a past enshrouded in mystery. He shares little of his story, instead preferring to listen to those of others. Giving away too much to him would be a mistake.
  • Zaryana Szithna
    Daughter of Kazric.

Sessions Archive

2nd Jun 2019

Kobolds? Kobolds.

Like moon dragons, but also not at all like moon dragons.

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27th May 2019

Midweek Plots

26th May 2019

Winter is Coming

You've studied hard over the past ~15 days. You stand ready now to depart for the icy wastes of the Northern Continent - but first, you need to learn what has happened. And say your goodbyes, of course.

8th Apr 2018

The Angel vs the Assassin

After freeing Cyne's sister and nearly dying in the process, the party are almost free to return to Ironfalls, where they can resume discussion of the Shards and figure out what to do next. However, Aniks has some unfinished business with his family, and Ashlyn seems to want to duel...

25th Mar 2018

The Rising Darkness

Whilst Aniks tries to stop Riven Drast from claiming the Spiritblade for himself, the princess they came to rescue looks on as her brother nearly falls to one swing. Can the party defeat the tiefling and stop him from gaining the power of the Void, or will they fall, taking three of the Empire's few heirs with them?

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The Protagonists

Keema Aiken

Celuriel Geltharieth

Cid La Flaga

Sir Pennyswaggle


Talindë Ae'tharis

13-Level Warpriest

Kraia Woodslough

Azyel Lathronon


Licia Galewen

Chaotic Good Aasimar
5-Level Shaman 8-Level Exalted

Champion of Sarenrae Ashlyn Alarian

Aniks Aliforn

Burdyr Donderiall